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Singapore Zoo celebrates 50 Years Old with Golden ZOObilee


Singapore Zoo has welcomed over 60 million visitors over the past 5 decades. 

It will be turning 50 on 27 June 2023. From Ah Meng to Inuka, the zoo has its fair share of popular residents.

Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Significant births such as the endangered Komoda Dragon in 2009, a pair of crocodile Monitors, an Orangutan birth and many more have happened a the Zoo.


It is not surprising to see droves of people heading to the zoo to catch these animals in action.

Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Golden ZOObilee

To kick off the celebration, The Golden ZOObilee will be lined up with activities from May, just in time for the school holidays. Here are selected activities

ART-ZOO Happy ZOObilee 
27 May to 27 August ,10am-6pm

Eight bespoke animal sculptures have been created specially for this event. You would love the larger-than-life inflatables and 2D sculptures of Jubilee the Rothschold's Giraffe, Astove the Aldabra Giant Tortoise, Komali the Asian Elephant, Minah and Bubu the Pygmy Hippos, Bunny the Linne’s Two-toed Sloth, Izarathe Grevy’s Zebra, Hoepel the White Rhino, and Ah Meng the Sumatran Orangutan.

Explore the trail stations along the way to discover fun facts, such as the different ways elephants can use their trunks and our Giant Tortoise’s favourite snacks.

Make your way to the Pavilion by the Lake and join Ah Meng and friends on the Happy ZOObilee Party Inflatable Art Playground for the celebration finale.


  • ZOObilee Bundle for 1 adult and 1 child at $50 
  • Seasonal Pricing of $50 for adults (excluding seniors) and $36 for children for visits from 27 May -27 Aug, including the ART-ZOO  Happy ZOObilee experience.
Happy ZOObile Trial Booklet
27 May-27 Aug,10am-1230pm and 130pm-430pm
Boat Dock (next to Babirusa exhibit)

Collect the Happy ZOObilee Trail Booklet* to discover more about Ah Meng and friends. Complete all 6activities within the booklet to redeem a limited-edition Happy ZOObilee Pin*.

For 3 to 12 only. First come, first serve

Mandai Wildlife Run
23-24 Sep 2023

Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

Previously known as the Safari Zoo Run, it returns after a 3-year hiatus. This year, participants will run through Singapore Zoo, River Wonders and Night Safari. There will even be a new race category for seniors. Health and Wellness activities, sustainability-themed workshops and up-close animal interactions will be included. 

Backstage Pass-Incredible Invertebrates
Every Thurs and Sunday starting 6 Aug
Fragile Forest, 10am-11am, Price from $118.4 (weekdays and $148 (weekends and PH)

Go behind the scenes of Fragile Forest to discover the roles of insects in our ecosystem. Hear all about fascinating invertebrates which make up 95 per cent of the animal kingdom, and get hands-on with activities such as identifying butterfly eggs.

Zoo Adventure Tour: ZOObilee Edition
27 June to 27 August,930am-11am or230pm -4pm
Around Singapore Zoo. $440 for weekdays, $550 for weekends

Hop on your private buggy and let your Wildlife Guide bring you closer to wildlife with intimate animal encounters along the way. Explore the park with your specially curated handbook and uncover the history and highlights of Singapore Zoo’s past 50 years. 

World Explore Camp
1-2 June, 8-9 June , 10am-5pm
Singapore Zoo, River Wonders
$450 per child

Credit: Mandai Wildlife Group

This June holiday, young ones aged 6 to 10 can go on a fun-filled wildlife experience at Singapore Zoo and River Wonders, which includes guided tours and the chance to meet special animal ambassadors. The the2-day programme includes lunch, an exclusive camp booklet and a complimentary souvenir photo and certificate of participation.

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