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Soi 72 Thai Bistro Review : Unpretentious Thai Food


Looking for a decent Thai meal?

Since our visit to Little Vietnam at Grandlink Plaza, we had always planned to return. 

Soi 72

This time around, we decided to try out Soi 72.

Similar to Little Vietnam, there is an indoor and outdoor space. The restaurant is about half the size of the neighbour, and it could be better to be seated outdoors by Geylang river. The vibe outdoors would be similar to a Thai Bristo outdoors.

Soi 72 Indoor

We had indoor seats for the evening as we had arrived around seven on a Saturday evening, as the outdoor spaces were filled. They do have spaces indoors for seating about 20. 

Thai Food Matters

The indoor has seating for about 20 pax. One of the wall has a scene of Thai nightlife and the other side has photos of past guests. While it is cozy, it is a tad chilly due to the wind from the portable aircon. We would have preferred outdoor seating. Do come early if you want outdoor seating.

The Food

We decided to order items that we do not usually order for Thai meals. So that means no Green Curry or Pineapple Rice. Instead, these are what we had for the evening. Ordering is done via QR code

Crispy Pork Belly
Soi 72 Crispy Pork Belly

Our starter was the Crispy Pork Belly.  The Pork Belly was crispy yet moist and tender. In terms of portion, it is quite generous two. Comes with a dipping sauce to enhance the taste.

Panang Curry Chicken
Panang Curry Chicken
Instead of the usual Green Curry, we decided to try Panang Curry Chicken instead. Panang curry is usually made up of ingredients like dried chiller peppers, ginger, lemongrass, kaffir lime zest and more. It is milder than red or green curry and thicker in texture. Overall, it was not too bad as an alternative to Green Curry.

Tom Kha Gai (Thai Coconut Chicken Soup)
Tom Kha Gai

Another dish that we tried for the first time. While the portions are big, it was not a memorable dish. Maybe the dish was not to our palate due to the coconut flavouring.

BBQ Sotong
BBQ Sotong

Normally when you order Sotong, the toughest part is chewing it. This BBQ Soting, it exceeded our expectations. Not only was it cooked crispy, but it was also tender and easy to chew. It is also flavourful at every bite. This is our favourite dish for the evening.

Thai Tapioca Dessert with Coconut Milk
Thai Tapioca Dessert

Contrary to the earlier Coconut dish, this dessert was much better. Once again, the portions are decent.

Thai Milk Tea
Thai Milk Tea
If you order a drink, get Thai milk tea or Lemongrass. We always order either one to complete a Thai meal.


Dinner for 2 with drinks and desserts cost us about $60+. It is not the cheapest Thai food around and is a tad pricey compared to the neighbours. Nonetheless, portions are generous and filling.

It will be more worth it if you sit outdoors as the al fresco vibes would be more enjoyable.

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