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Starke Designer Egg Toilet Bowl Review : Stylish Bathroom Throne


Looking for an efficient and attractive toilet bowl for your house?

After more than a decade with our toilet bowl, we decided to get an upgrade.

We were on the lookout for a black toilet bowl due to our toilet design. While there were a few choices, they looked identical to the standard toilet bowl. When we chanced by Starke Living's award-winning Egg Toilet Bowl, we knew that this was the one. 

Starke Toilet Bowl

The Egg Toilet bowl is unlike your conventional toilet bowl. Shaped in the form of an egg, it is a curvy interpretation that screams designer. After doing more research, we reckoned Starke Designer Egg Toilet Bowl is the one to get.

Exquisite Design

Starke Egg Toilet Bowl

The first thing that caught our eye was the toilet bowl's shape. This is unlike the conventional toilet bowl with a big sink behind it. The Starke toilet bowl is egg-shaped, which is both elegant and aesthetic. This exquisite design immediately ups the toilet's hip factor, giving it a modern futuristic vibe. This Germany-designed concept has won over 30+ design awards worldwide, attesting to its popularity.

Big Throne, Small Footprint

Starke Egg Toilet Bowl- Fits all toilet types

Worried about space?

The Starke Egg toilet bowl is surprisingly petite. In terms of footprint, it takes up slightly lesser space than a conventional toilet bowl. However, due to the lack of a back sink, it has a much larger toilet seat. 

Ergonomic, comfortable seating

Starke Comfort™ Seat technology

As a result of the larger than average seat, you will feel like you are sitting on a throne. With its Comfort™ Seat technology, you will get an ergonomic seat that is designed to give you a luxurious experience. 

Patented Starke Versafit™ - Fits all Toilet Types

Fits all Toilet Size

Whether you live in an HDB, condos or landed properties, Starke patented Versafit™ means that S Trap 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, and 350mm can all be fitted with this toilet bowl.

Starke Siphon ™  Technology

Starke Siphon ™  Technology 

The Starke Egg toilet bowl is equipped with Starke in-house Sipho ™ n™ technology. This gives a powerful siphonic tornado flushing action that is both water efficient and powerful. The technology is said to reduce water usage by a third.

Rimless Design

The Starke Egg toilet bowl also comes with a rimless design. This allows all parts of the bowl to be accessible for easy cleaning. Compared to conventional rimmed designs, this means less dirt and bacteria accumulate in the toilet bowl. The design also provided an anti-splashing feature for this toilet bowl.

Soft Close

Starke Soft Close

Ever gone to the toilet in the middle of the night and woken your partner because you put the seat down? With the soft closing feature, you would never get the problem again. There is barely any noise when the seats are down.

Available in black and white
Credit : Starke Design

You can opt for the classic white or trendy black version. The seats are priced from $530 onwards. Installation and removal of old toilet seats are an option here.

Check out how it looks in our toilet here.

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About Starke Living

Starke products are designed in Germany. This German brand sells luxury designer bathroom projects that are known for their proprietary technology, such as Starke Siphon Technology. Besides conventional toilet bowls, it also has smart toilet bowls, bathtubs, rain showers, air purifiers and more. 

You can check the whole range of products here.

TWD received a set of Starke Egg Toilet Bowl for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

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