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Instagram is dead... Why you should use Tiktok Instead.

Instagram is dead. 

Our relationship with Instagram started a long time back. For some reason, our followers have stalled in numbers over the past few years. It's stuck at around 22xx for the longest time. 

Despite having 2218 followers as of today, our interactions have been minimal. Engagement rates are at an all-time low with no push from Instagram. 

Time to abandon ship?

The latest video we posted has an 'extensive'  248 accounts reached, of which 234 are followers and only 14 non-followers. For the record, we had 5 likes for the video.

At this point,  you may think that the video is uninteresting, hence the low view and like counts. Well, we did an experiment and posted the same video on TikTok.

Within the same time frame, we had over 31K views, 1,739Likes, 1053 Forwards and 396 viewers who decided to put the video in their favourite folder. At the same time, we gained an additional 40 followers and increased our reach to 2710 followers.

This experiment showed two things

1) Instagram is not going to push your videos unless you pay for them.

2) Organic Growth in Tiktok is possible if the content is good.

Our foray into Tiktok has been just over a year, and in terms of engagement and reach, it has extended beyond Instagram by miles.

Moreover, TikTok has Capcut, a video editor that makes editing video a breeze. It also allows longer video format than Instagram, allowing creators to develop interesting reels. On the other hand, Instagram in build editor is chunky and difficult to use. At the same time, Instagram allegedly puts videos using Capcut editor on low priority and only boosts in-house edited videos. This severely reduces the creativity of creators.

Tools such as TikTok Shop also help creators can use to monetize the channel in Tiktok. Despite the number of years in the market, monetisation of Instagram is non-existent.

With better reach, better engagement and even payment for your work, TikTok ticks the right boxes for us. On the other hand, Instagram algorithms mean you have to pay to play. It does not make sense to create to support the platform for free and, at the same time, pay to get noticed.

 Sorry Instagram, if you keep up your gatekeeping,  your time may be up soon.

Watch our viral TikTok Video here.

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