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McDonald's Happy Meal Toys June and July : Squishmallows


Squishmallows invade Mcdonald's!

McDonald's has a new Happy Meal Toy for June and July  2023 based on Original Squishmallows. Squishmallows are cute, cuddly plush, and McDonald's will launch the mini versions! 

There are a total of 10 Squishmallows characters to collect. You can collect two different Squishmallows every week. Figures will change every Thursday.

Source: McDonald's SG

Here is the full lineup

Week 1 
15-21 June
Cam | Fifi

Week 2
22-28 June
Archie | Wendy

Week 3 
29 June - 5 July
Gordon | Hans

Week 4
6 -12 July
Drummer | El Viento

Week 5
13-19 July
Michaela | Sunny

There is also an exclusive playlist with every toy for a digital experience.

If you are not keen on the toy, choose the book instead!

The book will be based on the 'I Can' Series partnered with Little People Big Dream. The book for this month's promotion will be 'I can be a Legendary Pop Star'.

While Stock last!



  1. Love I just have a little obsessed

  2. So when is shish mellows going to be in Sioux falls SD

  3. Squishmallows haven't arrived at any of our locations. Currently the toy is elemental which my kids are not pleased with.

  4. Hi
    When r these coming to Fresno ca?

  5. When are they coming out with

  6. When are they coming to Tampa fl


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