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POPULAR Marine Parade Closing Down Sale: Find the Good Deals here


One of the biggest bookstores in Singapore is closing down!

Popular at Marine Parade will be closing down after June 18. This popular bookstore will shut down after years of calling Marine Parade home.

Many parents living in the East will be familiar with this place. This is where you go to pick up assessment books for kids preparing for exams. It is also a popular place to get stationery, craft items, and occasional storybooks. Adults will also come here for electronic items such as headsets, mice, hard disks and power banks.

Before any major closure, a big sale will occur. This is no exception. Popular will be having sales of up to 90% for selected items. For regular-price stationery, English and Chinese Assessment books will enjoy a 15% discount.

For the first 3 days of the sale., a 10% discount applies to all regular-price items, and $15 vouchers will be issued. The vouchers are actually 3 separate vouchers it thus it may not be so appealing. 

 Here are some good bargains and, in our opinion, some not-so-good bargains.

Good Bargains

Paperbacks from $5

Quite a few interesting titles below retail price. Worth a look

Geronimo Stilton : 30% off for 2 or more

This popular children's book is worth the price.

Children's Book from $3

Good bargains can be found here.

Nanyang Exam Practise Papers 3 for $9.90

Parents' favourite thing to buy at Popular. 

2 Assessment books for $10

If your child needs more exercise books, this is a cheap way to get them.

3 For 50% off

Mix and match and get them at half price!

Mix and Match, 2nd item at 10 cents

Effectively, this means a 50% discount if you purchase 2 items. If you find something you need, it is worth it.

3 For $10 Bargain Bin

You can find stationery such as colour pencils, notebooks and more. The items individually can be worth up to $5-$6. Depending on what you pick, it is a good deal.


Some headsets are on a discount and worth the bargain

Sony WH-CH520 $89 (Was $109)

JBL Tune 710 $74.90 ( was $99)

Segate Marvel 2TB $89 (was $109)

If you are a Spiderman fan, this will make a good alternative to the boring-looking HD available. At a decent discount too.

Funko Pop $10

Funko Pop are at $10 each. It's cheap, but the range may not be popular.

Miscellaneous items

Popular does carry a wide range of products. Some interesting items can be bought for a song.

Food items

Food items are also on discount. The discount may not be much, but if you buy in bulk, it will be worth it!

Better Buy Elsewhere

Box Sets

Box sets start from $8. However, not all box sets are attractive.  This complete set of Harry Potter is selling for $95. A quick search online shows prices that are a third of it.


The powerbanks may look like a good deal, but we have found certain models retail for cheaper elsewhere. It is a hit or miss.

Razor Products

Skip the Razor products. Better deals can be found online.

The Popular Marine Parade starts from 2 June to 18 June. While there are galore bargains, some deals are not worth a second look. Remember, Google is your best friend when it comes to spotting a good deal.

In any case, we are going to miss Popular at Marine Parade. What will be replacing this large mega site? Don Don Donki?

Stay tuned here to find out!

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