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Singapore Dragon Boat Race Dates

The Singapore Dragon Boat Festival (SDBF) is a long-standing dragon boat race in Singapore.

 It's actually one of the oldest ones here! There's another race called the Singapore River Regatta, but that has changed over time and is now known as the Singapore Regatta Waterfest@Sports Hub. However, SDBF has kept its original structure and format since it started. The only things that have changed are the location and distance of the races.

In the past, SDBF used to take place at the sea and the races were 800 meters long. But now, the races happen in Singapore's calm and beautiful reservoirs. The two main venues are the Marina Reservoir, where you can see the cityscape in the background, and the Bedok Reservoir, located in Singapore's heartland. The race distance has also been adjusted to an international standard of 500 meters. This change led to the inclusion of the Singapore Nationals in the SDBF.

This year, the race will take place at Bedok Reservoir on 24 Jun and 25 June, with races starting from 830am to 530pm. 

Schedule for 24 June

Schedule for 25 June

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