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Bedok Park Connector : Running Route


Time for another run.

This time around, we headed to Bedok Park Connector for a short run.


Bedok Park Connector connects Bedok Reservoir to East Coast Park. It starts from the underpass behind Bedok Camp and ends at Bedok Reservoir. You run along the banks of Bedok Canal for this route.

Parts of the connector are closed due to Thomson East Coast Line MRT and ABC waterworks.

  • Laguna88 to Upper East Coast Road - Expected completion Dec 2024
  • Bedok Park Connector between Eastwood Park Playground to Bedok Junction - Closed for ABC waterworks

The Run

Due to the closure, we decided to do a loop run starting from Eastwood Park Playground.

Compared to other runs, there is little to see on this route. 

One of the first things you notice would be the New Water Plants across the canal.

Eastwood estate is on the other side of the canal.

While there are not many interesting things around the route, you do find a few playgrounds and fitness corner along here.

Some houses' back entrances are also interesting, taking advantage of the state land behind them to create a cosy entrance.

You must cross the road to continue your run towards Bedok Reservoir.

There will be a few more junctions to cross before Bedok Reservoir. 

We decide to make a loop at the next junction instead of running all the way.

 If you decide to run all the way for a loop, it will be an additional 1km per way.

The whole route we took is estimated to be around 3.4km

Best Time to Run

The Park connector is quiet during weekdays. An early morning or evening run would be good. Afternoons are not too hot as there is no afternoon sun in this direction.

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