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8 Best Tankless Water Purifier in Singapore

Need a drink fast?

Quenching your thirst with safe and pure water is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Finding the best water purifier is essential in a bustling city like Singapore, where convenience and quality go hand in hand. 

How to Choose Water Purifier in Singapore?

With an overwhelming array of options available, it can be challenging to make the right choice. But worry not, as we've done the research for you!

Here are the 8 best water purifiers in Singapore that combine cutting-edge technology, exceptional performance, and user-friendly features to provide you and your loved ones with clean, crystal-clear water. Here we go!

Table of Content

Best Tankless Water Purifier in Singapore

  1. Sterra 7 
  2. Ruhens Quint
  3. Novita W1
  4. Hydroflux
  5. Sterra S
  6. Wells the One
  7. Ruhens Marvel Edition Boost+
  8. Sterra X Tank  Table Top Hot & Cold

1 Sterra 7 Tankless Water Purifier

Source: Sterra7

The top of our list will be the feature-packed Sterra 7 Tankless Water Purifier.

This new model from Sterra 7 oozes appeals with its sleek modern profile in Black Matte or Cool Grey. It is one of the rare Tankless Water Purifier that is 100% Leak Proof Guaranteed. It offers the most temperature option and the highest filtration system. This made-in-Korea water purifier is top of its class, featuring a 3-step filtration system that filters out 8 different types of heavy metals and organic compounds. It offers the best in value and function.

Key Features

  • Hydra 7™ Technology for Guaranteed No Leak & Condensation
  • Instant Water in 6 Different Temperatures. 5℃,15℃,25℃,50℃,70℃ and 87℃. 
  • 3 Filters with an 8-Stage Filtration System. Removes Odour, Heavy Metal, Bacteria, Chlorine
  • 4 Present Volume -120ml,250ml, 500ml, infinity
  • Alkaline and Non-Alkaline options are available
  • Filter Change Indicator with Self Chean mode
  • Child Lock for hot water
  • One of the most compact designs with a short Depth of 42.1cm
  • Energy saving with auto-off touch panel after 1 minute
  • Free Installation with 1-year onsite warranty
  • Extra dust filter to be washed monthly
  • No 95 ℃ option
Price: $1,999
Warranty: 1 Year Onsite 
Filters: Change every 6 months, 1-year filter at $240
Extras: Current Promo includes 2 years filter worth $470

Get the Sterra 7 here

2 Ruhens Qunit

Source: Ruhens

A stylish lead-free water purifier that uses its in-house Acuva Intense Beam in the filtration system and comes with self-serialising nozzles, child-safe dispensing and eco-friendly low electricity consumption.

  • 5 Different temperature selections. 4℃,20℃,40℃, 70℃,87℃
  • Patented ACUVA Intense Beam to sterilise water
  • Nozzle Sterilisation
  • 3 Present Volume-120ml,250ml, 500ml
  • Self Clean with Child Lock for hot water.
  • Filter Change Indicator

  • Free Installation and delivery
  • Expensive compared to competitors from $2099
  • Long depth of 51 cm

Price: $2,089
Warranty: 1 Year 
Filters: Change every 12 months; filter from $240

Get the Ruhens Quint here

3 Novita W1

Source: Novita

Novita W1 is one of the top 2 models from Novita. It comes with 9 features that include instant heating and chilling, self-maintenance and a filter replacement indicator. It is a homegrown brand with 22 years of experience and is well-known for its air purifiers. It comes with 4 preset temperatures and 4 present volumes.


  • Instant water 4 preset temperatures  4-6℃,25-32℃,40-45℃,85-90℃
  • 4 present volumes 120ml,250ml, 500ml, infinity
  • Hydronana 5-stage filtration with 99.99% bacterial and chlorine removal
  • Sleek design
  • Include 1-time Installation


  • No Alkaline Option
  • Onsites are priced from $300
  • Extended Onsite Warranty needs to be purchased

Price: $2,089
Warrantyonsiteincluded; add $200 for extended onsite warranty
Filters: Change every 10 months; filter from $300
Extras: Current Promo includes a free foot massager and stool

Get the Novita W1 here

4 Hydroflux Wish Series Water Purifier

Source: Hydroflux

The Wish Series water purifier has a  stainless steel flow path and faucet. In terms of design, this has one of the most radical designs looking more like a retro coffee machine than a water dispenser. It has water temperature settings, 6 stages of filtration with 1 filter and even comes with a Bluetooth speaker.


  • Unique retro design
  • Instant water 5 preset temperatures  5℃,25℃,45℃,75℃ , 85℃
  • Knob design for temperature adjustment
  • Pasteurisation heat treatment to destroy bacteria. 
  • Blue tooth speaker that connects to a mobile device for music


  • Price is not transparent
  • No Alkaline option
  • Filters are expensive at $365 per year
Price: NA
Warranty: NA
Filters: Change every 12 months; price from $365

5 Sterra S Tankless Water Purifier

Source: Sterra

Before Sterra 7, there was the popular Sterra S. This model comes with a retractable nozzle that has UV automated sterilisation. It also has volume control and a filter change indicator. With 4 presets controls and a 4-stage filtration system, it does its job well.

  • Instant water 4 preset temperatures  4℃,25℃,40℃,87℃
  • 4 present volumes 120ml,250ml, 500ml, infinity
  • 2-Year Filter set at only $299.
  • 4 Stages filtration to remove suspended solids, colouring and pathogenic bacteria
  • UV Automated Sterilisation
  • Longer than the usual depth onsite.9cm depth
  • Limited Temperature Control

Price: $1,699
Warranty: 1 Year onsite, 3 Years warranty for Touch Screen and Water Leaks 
Filters: Change every 4 months, 2 years at $299
Extras: Free 2 years filter set 

Get the Sterra S here

6 Wells the One

Source: Wells the One

This is different from your usual Water Purifier. 

In fact, it looks like a stylish tap in your kitchen. Instead of a Tankless Water Purifier's usual boxy and bulky shape, you have a tube-like extension from your countertop. It is the sleekest water purifier in the market at 33.7 cm in height and 8.8 cm in diameter. Control is done on the one-wheel touch at the top of Wells the one.


  • The faucet can be rotated 180 degrees for water dispensing.
  • Instant water 6 preset temperatures- 6℃,27℃,36.5℃ ,50℃,70℃,85℃
  • 4 Volume preset  120ml,250ml, 550ml, infinity
  • 9-step nanofiltration Removes 7 types of heavy metals
  • Hidden Filtration device
  • Child lock protection
  • Wide selection of colours.
  • Need space under the countertop for a filtration device
  • The permanent placement must be moved with effort. Large hole needed on the countertop
  • Pricing is not transparent

Price: NA
Warranty: NA
Filters: Change every 4 months, 2 years at $299
Extras: Free 2 years filter set 

Get Wells the one here

7 Ruhens Marvel Edition Boost+

Source: Ruhens

A Marvel Water Tank in your home? Why not?

Ruhens teamed up with Marvel for this Black Panther Water Tank. Other than the Marvel collaboration, the selling point is that it is one of the few water purifiers with 95℃ water. It also has a contactless dispenser sensor that dispenses water without touch.


  • 4 Water preset temperatures- 4℃,20℃,85℃,95℃
  • Can boost up to 95℃
  • Contactless dispensation
  • Filter change indicator
  • Removable hygiene guard
  • 3 Volume preset  120 ml,550ml, 1500ml


  • $200 more expensive than a similar non-Marvel Model
  • No warm water for marking baby powder
  • Large in size

Price: $1,799
Warranty: 1 Year 
Filters: Change every 12 months; filter from $289

8 Sterra Y Tank TableTop Hot & Cold Water Purifier

Source: Sterra

If you are looking for a value-for-money water purifier, Sterra Y may be the one you are looking for. Costing 1/6 of a regular water purifier, this tabletop Water Purifier has a 4-stage filtration system for drinking contamination-free water.


  • 3 Water preset temperatures- 10℃, room and 90℃
  • Easy to use
  • 4 Stage Filtration to remove rust, solids, chlorine, bacterial
  • Child lock
  • Economical
  • Available in Alkaline 
  • Does not have the volume present
  • Does not have the frills of modern water purifiers
  • Large size

Price: $399
Warranty: 1 Year 
Filters: Change every 12 months; filter from $160

There are plenty more options in the market, but from our extensive research, these are the best for functions and prices. Which one would you choose?

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