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Best Tingkat in Singapore

Looking for Tingkat Service?

Given the rising cost in Singapore, there may be better options than eating out daily. Cooking at home may not be an option as well, given that not everyone would have time after work to cook and wash the dishes. Instead of relying on a diet of oily hawker fare and oily hawker food, opting for home-cooked daily meals such as  Tingkat Delivery in Singapore may be the best choice, given the scenarios.

Is Tingkat healthy?

Tingkat is homemade food. Most Tingkat would have healthy meals with no MSG, low salt and less oil. Tingkat is also popular with elderlies for its nutritious value and convenience.

Is Tingkat Suitable for Children?

Not only does Tingkat has healthier options, but it also offers variety in the dishes. These make it a suitable choice for children.

Tingkat Singapore: Which one to choose?

Choosing a Tingkat service may be challenging, but we are here to help. This is a list of popular Tingkat services with Non-Halal, Halal and Confinement Tingkat Delivery to choose from. 

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Top Tingkat Delivery Singapore


Ah Ma Cuisine Group: Premium Tingkat Dishes

Winner of the 2023 Popular Caterer, Ah Ma Cuisine Group is known to provide homecooked meals that would rival your Ah Ma's cooking. 

They offer 4 dishes for their Home Cooked meals, and the dishes are rotated daily. Dishes include Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs, Stir-Fried Tofu with Prawn, Shrimp Paste Chicken, and White Radish soup. No MSG is used for the food. 

They also served speciality Tingkat meals with premium dishes such as Fragrance Braised Pig Trotter and Sliced Pork with Black Fungus.

Price: $9.2/pax/day for 2 for 20 days (Speciality package)
Delivery: Deliver to selected areas in Singapore
Delivery time: Lunch 930am-130pm/ Dinner 330pm-7pm

Empress Porridge - Healthy Meals with Bento Options

Enjoy a fuss-free Tingkat package or a Bento meal.

Empress Porridge's healthy Tingkat menu would be hit with young and old. There are Homemade Yong Tao Foo with Black Bean Sauce, Beancurd with Minced Pork, Lotus Root and even a choice of white or brown rice. Bento lunches are also available for personal or corporate clients. They have kids' meal options too.

Price: $16/pax/day for 2 for 10 days 
Delivery: Deliver to most regions except Sentosa
Delivery time: Dinner 3pm-7pm

Yeyeah Delights - Weight Loss Meals

Looking for healthy meals that can help you lose weight too? 

Yeyeah Delights have weight loss meals and regular meals for you to choose from. The weight-loss menu includes Brown rice, Grilled Seabass with Pumpkin Sauce, Prawn with Turmeric & Lemongrass and even Green Papaya Fish soup. These dishes are perfect for those on a diet seeking a healthier option. Meals delivered are chilled. 

Price: $18/pax/day for 2 for 20 days (Weigh Loss meals)
Delivery: Deliver to selected areas in Singapore
Delivery time: Lunch 10am-1pm/ Dinner 3pm-7pm


Robert Catering Services Pte Ltd: Affordable fare with over 200+ dishes on rotation

Robert Catering Services Pte Ltd is a halal-certified caterer that provides Tingkat Daily Meals. Dishes are changed daily with no repeats over one month. With over 200 dishes on the menu, it is great for those looking for variety.

Dishes offered include Roasted Honey Glazed Chicken, Hotplate Style Beancurd, and Sliced Fish in Black Bean Sauce with Bitter Gourd. No GST is charged for the package, and it is one of the more affordable Tingkat around.

Price: $6.5/pax/day for 2 for 20 days- Other packages are available
Delivery: Deliver to selected areas in Singapore
Delivery time: Lunch 9am-2pm/ Dinner 3pm-7pm

Warong Yam Catering: Authentic Muslim Dishes

Craving for authentic Muslim dishes?

Warong Yam delivers authentic dishes that rotate weekly. Enjoy dishes such as Auman Kurma, Sambal Telur Buring and Telur Masak Merah.  If you like spicy food, you cannot go wrong with this caterer.

Price: $12/pax/day for 2 for 20 days 
Delivery: Islandwide except for CBD, Sentosa and Taus
Delivery time: Dinner 330pm-630pm

Bayfront Catering Services - Over 200+ dishes in a month

Bayfront Catering Services has plenty of good reviews for their Tingkat Services and food quality.

The menu changes daily, with over 200+ dishes in a month. Dishes include Thai-style tofu, Sweet and sour chicken, Prawn Swee Kao and Stir-fried Kailan with Garlic.

Price: $11/pax/day for 2 for 10 days 
Delivery: Deliver to selected areas in Singapore
Delivery time: Lunch 930am-130pm/ Dinner 330pm-7pm


Mama J's Confinement Food: Specialist Confinement Tingkat

You can also opt for Tingkat during confinement. Mama J's Confinement Food is one of those that cater to new Mothers during this period. Confinement menus are higher priced than normal Tingkat as special preparations are needed.

The menu includes Red Glutinous Wine Chicken, Stir Fried Pork Tenderloin with Ginger and Spring Onion, Baked Turmeric Fish and more.

Price: $32/pax/day for 28 Days
Delivery: Islandwide expect for Tuas and Sentosa
Delivery time: Lunch 1030am-130pm/ Dinner 430pm-730pm

Tian Wei Signature - Fusion and Traditional Confinement Food

Confinement food should not always be the same old dish.

Tian Wei bucks the trend with a mix of traditional confinement food, fusion confinement food and confinement herbal soup to pamper the new Mommy. Braised Pork Trotter in Black Vinegar and Black Sesame Pan-Seared Salmon are some of the dishes offered. The dishes look so inviting that even Daddy would want a bite.

Price: $33. /pax/day  for 28 days 
Delivery: Deliver to most areas except town
Delivery time: Lunch 10am-1pm/ Dinner 4pm-7pm

Looking for Tingkat Services in Singapore? 
Instead of searching high and low, we recommend checking out Foodline Tingkat Delivery Page. Foodline is Singapore's Biggest Catering and Cake portal and has all the popular Tingkat Delivery within a click. Check out the full Tingkat listings here.

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