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Casetify X Evangelion iPhone and iPad Case Review


We were left in awe when we got our hands on the latest CASETiFY x Evangelion iPhone and iPad cases.

 Neon Genesis Evangelion, the renowned Japanese anime featuring skilled pilots and Nerv members defending the world with the giant bio-machine mecha Evangelion against Angels, now extends its protection to fans' phones and accessories.

CASTiFY has launched an exciting new range of Evangelion-themed phone cases for iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel, and an array of accessories, including an Evangelion charging dock, wireless chargers, AirPods case, and more.

iPhone Mirro Case Magsafe compatible - Typography

One of our favourites is the Typography case that beautifully showcases quotes from Evangelion. It's a subtle choice for those who wish to express their association with Evangelion discreetly. 

The mesmerizing mirror effect on the 3D typography adds a unique touch. This case is Magsafe compatible, offering strong magnetic connections and a building structure that's on par with the standard Casetify case. It's perfect for fans with a refined taste.

iPad Emergency Sign Case

As for the iPad case, we sought something lightweight yet offering strong protection, and the Emergency Sign-Ultra impact case fit the bill perfectly. 

Its black textured surface gives a 3D look, accentuating the Red emergency sign while also providing a slot for the pencil to fit in seamlessly. This beautiful case complements the iPhone Typography case brilliantly.

If you're searching for cases that breathe life into your devices, CASTiFY x Evangelion should be at the top of your list. 

Check out the whole collection here to find the perfect match for your devices.

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