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Sterra 7 Review : The Best Water Dispenser for its price?


One brand usually pops up when you think of a Water Dispenser.

Sterra is one of the top Water Dispenser manufacturers. A quick check of their website will find at least 6 different variants. The latest one is a sleek-looking Sterra 7 Tankless Water Purifier.

First Impression

We like the Black Matt trim Sterra 7. Its minimalistic design goes well on most kitchen counter. There is also a Cool Grey version if black is not your colour. 

It does look a little boxy, but its curved edge softens the look. There is a touch-sensitive LED panel on the front panel. Unlike the S, there is no pop-out muzzle. Instead, you would simply touch the dispense button to pour instead of an additional pop-out step. This is more practical for design.

This is one of the smallest in size with its slim and compact design. It would fit most countertops at 40.8 cm x 15.5 cm x 47.3cm. It also comes with a magnetic drip tray that can be easily removed to fit bigger bottles.


No Leak Technology

We had tried another Water Dispenser, and one of the things we noticed was leaking. The in-house Hydra 7 Technology is guaranteed no leak or condensation. That's a key differentiator compared to the other water dispensers in the market.

3 Fliters with 8 stage filtration system

The main reason for getting a Water dispenser is for its filtration system. Sterra 7 has one of the most intensive filtration systems, providing an 8-stage process that removes odour, heavy metal, rust, bacteria and chlorine. 

3 Filters 8 Stages Filtration

For us, the best part is that it comes with 2 2-year filters set for the current promo. Filters can be costly, so having a complimentary 2-year set is a good deal. For the record, a 2-year filter set costs $388. That is a reasonable $194 per month. There is also a filter change indicator when it is time for a filter change.

6 Different Temperatures

The Sterra S that we tried had 4 temperature settings. Sterra 7 improves on that with 6 different temperatures to cater to various scenarios.

  • Cold Temperature at 5℃ and 15℃ for the instant cold water 
  • Average Room Temperature at 25 ℃
  • Warm Temperature at 50 ℃, which is perfect for formula milk, making it useful for new moms
  • Hot Temperature at 70℃ and 87 ℃. The former is ideal for a hot cup of coffee, while the latter would be great for tea or even instant noodles.

    4 Volume Setting

The Sterra 7 also dispense water in 4 different volume setting. 150ml, 250ml, 500ml and infinity. We have tried it with different-sized bottles and are happy to report that it can even fill a large size 2-litre jug.

If we have to be picky, it would be great if it has the option of a higher temperature or 95℃

Instant Hot and Cold Water at the press of a button.

Instant Hot Water

One of the reasons we get a water dispenser is the instant Hot and Cold water. Unlike older models, where you must wait a while, Sterra 7 provides instant Hot and Cold water on demand.

Other features

This model is energy efficient. The LED panel auto-off after a short moment. It also comes with a child lock that can be easily activated.

Child Lock Sterra 7

For a more comprehensive review, check out our review here.


Overall, we are happy with the Sterra 7. While it is not a considerable upgrade from the Sterra S, it is worth considering in terms of outlook, features and ease of use.

Sterra 7 retails for SGD 1999 and comes with free delivery and installation. The current promo includes 1 year warranty and 2 years filter set. Order from here and get a free Sterra Moon Air Purifier worth $299.

TWD was provided with a unit for review. All opinions are our own.

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