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Winnie the Pooh Singapore Version : Winnie-da-Pooh in Singlish


That Pooh Bear got a new book out, and it looks damn funny, siah.

If you understood what was written for the previous line, you would love this new book - Winnie-da-Pooh in Singlish. Winnie the Pooh was originally written by A.A. Milne. Gwee Li Sui, a poet and translator, had decided to give this classic a fresh spin, Singapore style.

Just take a look at the content page posted on Reddit by Eladazati83

Winne-da-Pooh in Singlish

We reckoned that this will make a collector's item in the future. 

Winne-da-Pooh in Singlish

Have Disney given permission for this version?

Winne-da-Pooh in Singlish

On Public Domain Day 2022, A.A Milne's original 1926 'Winnie-the-Pooh' story was released for public use. The copyright expired for the book though the Winnie character in his signature red t-shirt is still under Disney's Rights. The book cover shows the classic Pooh and not the Disney Pooh, so everything goes!

You can find this book at Kinokuniya and it retails for $30.80.

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