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Harvest Moon - 29 September


Your last chance to catch a Supermoon for 2023!

Experience the Harvest Moon on 29 September. This phenomenon occurs when there is a Full Moon happening close to the Autumn equinox on the Northern Hemisphere which happens in September.

What time will the Harvest Moon be visible?

The Harvest Moon will be visible from 7 p.m. Coincidentally, this falls on the Mid Autumn Festival, so you can enjoy your mooncakes and lantern walks while admiring the moon. 

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The optimum height to appreciate the moon will be at 9pm.

Best Places to view the Harvest Moon?

It will be easily visible anywhere in Singapore as long as skies are clear. Other public places like the Marina Barrage, East Coast Park and the Southern Ridges offer an unobsructed and potentially elevated view of the Harvest Moon with panoramic views of the city skyline.

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