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iOS 17: Key Features

Apple's iOS 17 is here, bringing a fresh wave of innovation to your iPhone. 

With features like StandBy Mode, customizable stickers, multi-timers, and more, this update is a game-changer. We've been exploring the iOS 17 to bring you the must-try features after upgrading.

Upgrading to iOS 17: A Quick Guide

Updating your iPhone to iOS 17 is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap General.
  3. Select Software Update.

If your iPhone is eligible for the update, you'll find the option to upgrade to iOS 17. Keep in mind that not all devices will receive this update; older models like the first-generation iPhone SE won't be able to install iOS 17. It's also wise to wait a few days for any potential bug fixes if you can't upgrade immediately.

Explore iOS 17's Standout Features.

Unlock the Potential of StandBy Mode

Source: Apple

Flip your iPhone horizontally while charging to activate StandBy Mode. Transform your device into a clock, calendar, digital photo frame, or information center with widget smart stacks. Note that StandBy Mode is most effective with iPhones featuring an always-on display.

Stay Safe with Check In

The new Check-In feature in Messages notifies selected contacts when you arrive safely at your destination such as your home. Great for parents monitoring their kids at work.

Autocorrect Gets Smarter

iOS 17's autocorrect learns from your typing habits, ensuring it doesn't replace your intended words with substitutes. If autocorrect still insists on changing your text, you can easily revert it. Now typing in Singlish slang like Shoik and Wah lao will be accepted with ease!

Get Creative with Stickers

Source: Apple

iOS 17 offers quick access to all your stickers, including third-party options. You can even create custom stickers from your photos. The Stickers can be access via the emoji keyboard and you can use it on apps that can access emjoi

Add Fun Video Effects with Gestures

iOS now includes eight video effects for reactions in video calls, activated via gestures. These effects are available in FaceTime and compatible third-party apps on iPhone 12 or newer models.

Visual Voicemails

Incoming voicemails are transcribed in real time and displayed as text on your lock screen, allowing you to decide whether to answer the call. Video messages also support reaction gestures.

Interactive Widgets

You can now interact with a widget from the Home Screen, Lock Screen onr in Standby. Complete a to do list, play a song or gain access to your Home controls.

Customised what people see when you call

Take control of how you present yourself during phone calls by creating a personalized poster that incorporates photo enhancements, Memoji, and your name. When you enable "Name and Photo Sharing for Contacts," your Contact Poster will be effortlessly shared with your contacts. Thus you control what the receiver sees!

NameDrop Your Contact Info

Share contact details effortlessly by bringing your iPhone close to another device. You can also create personalized contact posters for a more visual touch.


Hold your iPhone to another iPhone and instantly listen to music, watch content, play games in sync and more with Shareplay.


A new app to write and remember. Great as a diary or for content creators who wants a fast way to note down what they had expereinced.

Separate Safari Profile

iOS 17 introduces new privacy features in Safari, including the ability to create multiple profiles for separate browsing habits. Private Browsing tabs require reauthorization after 15 minutes for added security.

Visual Lookup

Take a photo and find recipes of similar dishes. Visual Look up allows you to look up information on any subject lifted from a photo. It works on videos too!

Source: Apple

Upgrading your iOS device is always a smart move, especially with the exciting features and enhanced privacy in iOS 17. Stay up-to-date and enjoy the benefits of the latest software innovations from Apple.

For a full list of  iOS 17 features, visit this page.

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