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Saber Building Workshop with SaberMach

Always wanted to own a lightsaber?

If you are a fan of Star Wars, this thought probably crossed your mind.

Getting a lightsaber is easy online. However, to have the opportunity to customise your own lightsaber and to build it for yourself is on another level.

With SaberMach Build saber building workshop, you can now make your dream come true. We attended a quick build workshop at Comic Con Prelude and got the chance to customise a saber.

There are mainly 4 to 5 components to a saber, depending on the configuration. We were given a choice of handles to mix and match. Each component is made of Full Metal consisting of an emitter, switch section, grip and pommel.

It also comes with electronics that are capable of producing sound and light for smoothswing, flash-on-clash-blaster blocks,blade-lockup and more effects.

You get to choose between a Base Lit or N-Pixel Blade for different effects. The blades are 1-inch blades that are made for heavy duelling.

The blades can also be controlled via an app.

The workshop we attended was a quick build session. SaberMach does conduct Saber Building Workshops at their office, and there will be an additional session where SaberMach will provide you tips on duelling.

Prices are from $189 for in-hilt LED or $299 for N-Pixel blades. You can keep the saber that you build.

There are also lightsabers of different designs by SaberMach if you prefer a more elaborate design.

For more information, you can visit their website here.

@the.wacky.duo Want to be a Jedi? First, you need a lightsaber. Sharing our experience at a Saber Building Workshop by @SaberMach at Comic Con Prelude This quick build session is suitable for young and old. All lightsabers come with 🔦Full Metal Body Hilt đź’ˇElectronics (Base-Lit or N-Pixel) capable of Smoothswing, flash on clash, blaster blocks and many effects ⚔️1inch Blade for heavy duelling Book your session with SaberMach at #Starwars #Lightsaber #comiccon #sabermach #tiktoksg #comicconsg ♬ Star Wars Main Theme - Image Space Orchestra

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