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Mid Autumn Festival 2023 Lanterns Display Guide : Gardens by the Bay


Mid-Autumn Festival at Gardens by the Bay officially opens on 15 Sep.

This 2 weeks event will have a Lanterns Display, Lantern Walk, Food Street, Carnival Games and Rides, along with cultural performances and workshops.

Here is a guide to all the Lanterns Displays at the Mid Autumn Festival 2023 at Gardens by the Bay

Gardens of Blooms
Location: Golden Garden

Walk past the moon gate and discover a secret garden of lotus, peach, blossom and bamboo. 

Located near the visitors centre, this garden will be easy to spot.

The Butterfly Lovers
Floral Clock

Located behind the Audemars Piguet Floral Clock is the Butterfly Lovers. This lantern set reimagines the poignant romance between Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, infamously known as the Chinese Romeo and Juliet.

Colonnade of Lights

These colourful lanterns will lead you to the Supertree Groove. Designed and hand-painted by people from all walks of life, it is a beautiful sight to behold.

Supertree Groove

The Pavilion is found in the centre of Supertree Groove. This is a classic feature of the Chinese garden. With its distinctive architectural style, it is often the focal point of the garden.

Blooming in Dance
Supertree Grove

Inspired by Korean dance, this lantern display invokes the emotions and feelings of Korean dances in ancient times.

Traditional Lanna Lanterns
Supertree Grove

The Lanna Lantern highlight the exceptional craftsmanship of the Lanna people, serving as a reminder of the depth of Lanna culture and the joyous celebrations.

Our Secret Gardens
Supertree Grove

This is a nod to kids. The secret garden is filled with whimsical creatures that will surely delight the young ones.

Colourful Blossoms
Supertree Grove

Take a photo with your loved one under this floral arch made of more than 20 lantern peonies.

Nearby, you can find a family of rabbits clustered are various locations.

Magpie Bridge
Dragonfly Lake

Away from the main garden at the Dragonfly Lake lies a display that pays tribute to the Cowherd and Weaver Girl.

This display showcases a flock of magpies forming a bridge with their wings to reunite the lovers.

Other Event Highlights

While enjoying the highlights, there are other ongoing events to keep you entertained.

Lantern Walk
15 Sep 2023
Bayfront Pavilion Drop Off Point

Go for a lantern walk. Redeem a free lantern and take a stroll around the gardens.

Food Street and Carnival Games
15 Sep-1 Oct
Supertree Groove

Enjoy a mix of local and Asian Street food. Play Carnival games to win prizes and enjoy the carnival rides for kids.

Cultural Performances
15 Sep-1 Oct
Supertree Groove

From drum performances to multi-ethnic fusion music to dance performances, there will be different performances held over the 2 weeks period. 

Visit this link for full performance schedule. 

Mid-Autumn Festival 2023
Gardens by the Bay
15 Sep to 1 Oct 2023
6-10pm daily
Free Admission

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