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Nakhon Kitchen Review ( Bedok) : Spicy Authentic Thai food

Tucked away in the realms of Bedok Estate, Nakhon Kitchen is a hidden gem for those seeking an authentic Thai culinary experience.

Nakhon Kitchen is located at Blk 136, a row of low-rise HDB blocks. Nestled in between rows of shops, it would not be hard to spot with the crowd.

As we stepped through the entrance, the unassuming simplicity of the place caught our attention. With an open seating arrangement that extends both indoors and outdoors, featuring wooden chairs and tables and adorned with Thai food photos on the wall, the decor exudes a charming, kopitiam-like ambience. 

The chatter of Thai from the serving crew gives a hint of what's to come-Authentic Thai Food!

The Food

Our mission for the evening was clear: we were here to satisfy our craving for spicy Thai cuisine, and Nakhon Kitchen did not disappoint. 

Pandan Chicken $6

Our starter was the Pandan Chicken. Each bite of the tender chicken was enhanced when dipped in the sweet chilli sauce provided, adding that extra layer of spice and flavour. The portion was decent, and we have no complaints, given the price point.

Thai KangKong $6

Next up was the Thai Kangkong with chilli, a simple yet satisfying dish. It was well cooked with a hint of lime in the dish.

Sotong Lime $18

One of the standout dishes of the evening was the Sotong Lime. If you have a penchant for sourness, this dish is an absolute must-try. The tangy broth was a revelation, stealing the spotlight even from the renowned Tom Yum Soup. The song was tender and soaked up the flavours of the broth beautifully, making each spoonful a refreshing burst of citrusy delight. It may be a little pricey, but the taste and portion make up for it.

Spicy Pork Belly $10

For those who crave the fiery side of Thai cuisine, the Spicy Pork Belly did not disappoint. While the portion of pork belly was relatively small, it more than made up for it in terms of spiciness. The heat was on point, giving a fiery kick that was both exhilarating and mouthwatering.

Tom Yum Soup $6

Speaking of Tom Yum Soup, we couldn't resist ordering a bowl. We opted for the clear version with seafood, and it meets expectations. Despite its wallet-friendly price, the serving was generous, laden with an assortment of seafood that included prawns and squid. The unmistakable Tom Yum flavour is obvious with every bite.


Our overall experience at Nakhon Kitchen was surprisingly decent. With five delectable dishes totalling slightly over $50, the value for money was undeniable. The flavours were authentically Thai, rivalling more renowned Thai restaurants but at a more budget-friendly price point. 

It's worth noting that Nakhon Kitchen offers a wide range of dishes, including non-spicy options, ensuring there's something for every palate. There are also off-menu dishes which would be specific to this outlet.

Nakhon Kitchen is a true gem for lovers of authentic Thai cuisine. From the charming kopitiam-like ambience to the mouthwatering dishes that pack a spicy punch, it's a culinary trip well worth taking. With affordable prices and a menu that caters to various tastes, we are looking forward to returning for more delightful Thai flavours.

There are 3 Nakhon Outlets in Singapore. There is also another Thai resturant 2 shops away serving similar food, so do note to not pop in the wrong one.

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