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Changi Festive Village Candy Carnival Review : This one is for Carnival Fans

Changi Airport has recently launched Changi Festive Village for this year's school holidays.

We were not on Changi's list and were not invited to the launch. Nonetheless, on a recent trip to Changi Airport Terminal 3 Arrival to pick up someone, we stumbled upon the Candy Carnival and boy, were we impressed. 

Carnivals in Singapore can be a hit or miss. These carnival games are usually held outdoors, from the traditional Uncle Ringo carnivals to neighbourhood pasar malam carnivals to large-scale Marina Bay Carnivals. 

This Candy Carnival is different in Changi Airport with its semi-indoor settings. This also means you get to enjoy air conditioning while you play. Not only that, but this is a Disney-themed carnival, so you get to win authentic Disney items here!

The Candy Carnival is divided into three zones. The most extensive zone will be Level 1 Arrival Hall Outside McDonald's. This zone is huge, and we will share what we saw.

How much to Play?

To play the games and rides, you need to get candy medals. $10 will get you 10 candy medals, while $50 will get you 55 candy medals. The individual games and rides will require different amounts of tokens to play.

Carnival Games

If you are a carnival game fan, you will love this zone. There are a dozen carnival games to be played here.

Here's the list of games here

  • Cake Bazooka
  • Candy Flip
  • Chocolate Smash
  • Cupcake Smash
  • Donut Ring
  • Basketball One Shot 
  • Candy Ring
  • Gumball Jar
  • Honey Comb Toss
  • Candy Toss
  • Honey Jar

Some games will be familiar to carnival fans. Each game cost 4 candy medals to play. Compared to past events like the Marina Bay Carnival, the games here are more affordable. 

Carnival Rides

These rides are more suitable for younger kids. 

  • Candy Bounce
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Candyland Train
  • Pirate Ship 
  • Swinging Ride
  • Honey Pot
  • Flying Candy
  • Go Kart
  • Kiddy Rides

    Rides cost a reasonable 3-4 candy medals per ride.

    Arcade Games

    If you love Claw Machines, you will love these arcade games. From Jumbo Claw machines to normal claw machines, there are plenty of opportunities to bring home a Disney Plush.

    Other arcade games include VR Games, Candy Roll and Fantasy Attack

    Candy Snow House

    A Candy Snow House is located at the end of the event space. We did not managed to go in, but here is a glimpse of what to expect.

    Photo Opportunities

    There are plenty of photo opportunities here. Look out for Disney characters found around each corner of the event space. 

    Food Stalls

    If you are hungry, there are snack stands where you can choose your favourite festive snacks.

    Other Zones

    The other zones are on level 1 across McDonald's with Arcade Games and Photobooth and B2 Across Koptitaim with Carnival Games and Arcade Games.

    From what we observed, the games are winnable here.

    Candy Carnival is part of Changi Festive Village. It will be at T3 from 3 Nov to 31 March. Given the number of games and rides here and the games' affordability, this will be a favourite zone for kids!

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