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Don Don Donki Tiong Bahru Opens : 10 Things to Buy!

Don Don Donki has opened its 16th store in Singapore!

The latest store is located at Tiong Bahru Plaza. 

This store has a retro Japan theme with decor and selected items to reflect the theme.

The place is much bigger than it looks, step inside, and you feel like you are in a maze!

Don Don Donki is well known for its snacks, toys, food and even *ahem* adult theme items. It's like a treasure trove every time we visit. 

This time around, it is no different, as we found 10 items that you should check out at Don Don Donki Tiong Bahru

1) Seasonal Shelf - Strawberry

Starting from the entrance, you have a seasonal shelf. The items here are related to the seasonal fruits that Don Don Donki brings in. For this season, it will be the Strawberry

2) Exclusive Sanrio Merchandise

Fans of Sanrio would need to check these out. You might find new merchandise only found in this place.

3) Don Don Donki Merchandise

Tiong Bahru has some exclusive Don Don Donki Merchandise. 

4) Pokemon Claw Machine

We are still determining if this is exclusive to this store, but it is so cute that we want to bring it home. This is it if you want a Christmas gift for the Pokemon fan!

5) Disney Face Mask

Who does not love Disney? If you are a Disney fan, these face masks are perfect for you!

6) Steak at $2 per 100 grams

Probably the cheapest steak in town. Imagine a juicy 250-gram steak for only $5. Worth every penny!

7) Salmon Sashimi for $10

Another food item that is a steal is these big packets of Salmon Sashimi. For $10 per packet, we need three of them!

8) Inaka Sushi

These Inaka Sushi, which means "countryside sushi", are exclusive to Tiong Bahru. Instead of raw fish, other ingredients such as mushrooms and fresh veggies are used in its place.

The sushi is popular during the old Japanese era. 

9) Bento Sets

While they are not exclusive, looking at them made me hungry, so it is hard not to resist them.

10) Adult-related items

This is a PG site, so we would not delve into what's behind the curtain; the best is for you to check it out yourself!

There is plenty more interesting stuff to be discovered at Don Don Donki Tiong Bahru. It will officially be open on 1st Dec!

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