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Tanglin Mall Snow Splendours Review: Avalanche vs Snow

Do you know that Tanglin Mall started the Snow Splendor in 1996?

27 years later, this tradition still carries on. 

The OG of 'Snow' in Singapore is back with two specially engineered snow types. Each session lasts around 15 minutes and will occur at a fixed time if the weather permits.

Weekday: 7.30pm
Weekends/PH: 7.30pm & 8.30pm 

The first session is called an Avalanche. Foam pours out from the Snow machines into the open area in front of the Christma Tree. This creates a layer of 'snow' on the ground. 

Once that is done, children and adults can gleefully play with the 'snow.' 

Weekday: 7.345m
Weekends/PH: 7.45pm & 8.45pm 

The second session is simply called Snow. Foam is released into the air, and the effect is similar to being in the middle of a blizzard. It's the closest that locals will ever come to snowfall in the city, and it is apparent by the smiles on their faces that this is a crowd favourite.

Every session, including weekdays, are filled with people, both young and old. We recommend you come early to book an excellent spot to experience 'Snow' in Singapore.

Tanglin Mall is also one of the more elaborate Christmas Decor. Unlike the glitzy Orchard Road Lightup, Tanglin Mall decoration for this year is more traditional. 

It is filled with snowmen and elves and makes a perfect backdrop for the Christmas photo.


In case anyone thinks this is real snow, sorry to burst your bubble. Singapore is just too hot to have Snow outdoors. They are just foam.

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