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McDonald's Gundam QMSV Mini RX-78-2 Review: Mech-Donald

The Mech-Donald has landed.

A while ago, McDonald's China launched a campaign giving away a QMSV Mini RX-78-2 GUNDAM Ver. Angus, if you purchase a Cheese Angus Thick Burger set for 59.9yuan (About SGD 11)

At that price, it was a steal. Unfortunately, it was a China exclusive, and it was hard to get your hands on one.
Source: McDonald's China

Thankfully, we had a connection in China and thanks to their effort, we got one!

First Impression

This Gundam is bigger than expected. Compared to the ones who got from Japan Gacaphon, the Gundam is twice the size. 

It's super imposing in Black and Gold to signify the Cheese Angus collaboration.

Some Chinese characters are on the sleeve, together with a cow logo. It is probably linked to the Cheese Angus connection, too.

The Gundam has a detachable shield with the McDonald's Arch print.

It is well-detailed, even on the back. It's not as poseable with limited movement on the hands and head.

For Gundam fans, this is a collectable item. We just wish it would be launched in other parts of the world in time to come.

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