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Go-Ang Chicken Rice Pratunam Bangkok : Afforable but over-rated?

Michelin Quality food for only 50 baht ($2)? 

Go-Ang Chicken Rice in Pratunum is famous for its Michelin Bid Gourmand recognition for two years in a row in 2018 and 2019. It is said to have the best chicken rice in Bangkok. With a 4.2 star rating on Google Maps, it is probably Bangkok's most well-known Chicken rice.

Having read so much about its fame, we decided to make it our first meal during our short trip to Bangkok.

We were there in the afternoon, and there was a short queue. It was nearing closing time, but we managed to get one of the last seats.

The food

You could opt for the regular Haianese Chicken Rice for only 50 baht or order a more significant portion for 70 -140 baht. We decided to go for the half chicken and had it for 300 baht, which was a bad mistake.

While the portion looks right, it is mostly breast meat. This means we got the toughest part of the chicken. The chicken was dry and not tender. Perhaps we came too late and did not have freshly cooked chicken. In any case, our palate was left wanting. 

The rice, while flavourful, could have been more outstanding. The saving grace was the chilli, which differs from the ones you get in Singapore.

We ordered a chicken soup. The bony portion was generous, but the soup was milder in flavour than we anticipated.

The one good dish we had was the spinach. It tasted way better than it looked.


The good thing about Go-Ang is the price. You can eat a plate of chicken rice at 50 baht without complaining if you want to fill your stomach.

Given its legendary status, our expectations were elevated. However, we were brought down to earth on our first visit. We may have had a bad batch, and our review does not justify Go-Ang Chicken's quality.

If you have not tried it before, you should do so to form your own opinion. We will probably miss this on our next visit. 

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