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20 Must Buy Thai Snacks and Goods from Big C Bangkok Thailand in 2024


A visit to Big C is a must for tourists in Bangkok.

While visiting a supermarket on a holiday may not be on tourists' itinerary, Big C hits differently. Big C is a hypermart in Thailand with outlets in five countries, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong Kong. It is a must-stop for tourists looking for affordable Thai snacks and merchandise.

How to Get to Big C Supercenter Ratchadamri

While there are several outlets around, we head to Big C Supercenter at Ratchadamri to fill our goodies bag. This outlet is conveniently located in Bangkok's famous shopping district. It's just opposite Centraworld and close to Pratunnam. The nearest BTS is at Chit Lom, which is linked by Sky Bridge. This outlet is very popular with Tourists, and 80% of customers are foreigners.

What to buy at Big C Ratchadamri?

Big C Ratchadamri has three levels. The ground floor has an array of retail shops and restaurants. The main outlet is on the first and second floors. The first floor is dedicated to food and cosmetics, while the second floor is for household items. Most tourists will zoom in on food and cosmetics.  While some items are only available locally, others are worth getting for their price point. We chose to visit for the snacks, and these are what we bought!

1 Kunna Dry Freeze Mango 75g (฿75)

Dry-freeze fruits are very popular in Thailand. They are eaten like snacks. Dry-freeze Mangoes are a popular choice among tourists.

2 Kunna Crispy Monthing Durian 50g (฿235)

Another popular dry-freeze fruit is durian. There are plenty of brands in Big C to choose from, and some provide samples to try before you buy. The dry-freeze durians actually taste better than the real ones sold in Bangkok!

3 Dry Mangoes (฿129)

Dry mangos are also a common sight in the aisles. There are different brands you can choose from.

4 Chao Sua Crispy Pork 140g (฿198)

These Crispy Pork slices are crunchy and tasty. It is more worth it to get the larger pack (140g) instead o, of the smaller ones (65g) ( ฿198 vs ฿165)

5 Tom Yum Salmon Fish Skin (฿45)

We have salted fish skin in Singapore but not Tom Yum Salmon Skin. At only ฿45, it is a steal. 

They also have Salted Fish skin. Get in bulk for a cheaper price. It was approximately ฿110 per packet, half the price in Singapore!

6 Cha Tra Mue Instant Thai Tea Mix 400g (฿84)

If you have been to restaurants in Thailand, you have probably tried Thai Milk Tea. ChaTraMue Brand is the brand to get for Thai Milk Tea. There are a few versions, but for convenience, we suggest picking up the sachets packet for easy preparation.

7 Rice Crackers with Pork Floss

There are plenty of brands to choose from. No matter the brand you choose, get the one with pork floss.

8 Max Ocean Crispy Chicken Skin 3 x 50g  (฿159)

These Chicken skins are so good! For ฿159, you get three packets of Crispy Chicken Skin. They come in many flavours, such as salted egg mala or original. If you are on a Keto Diet, get loads of these for snacks!

9 Bunchai Monthong Guan Durian ( ฿170)

You can get these in Singapore, but grabbing a couple of sticks to satisfy your childhood favourite is a no-brainer at half the price in Bangkok.

10 Richo long Fish Snacks 300g (฿165)

These Fish sticks are the longest ones we have seen! Get one if you love fish sticks.

11 Siam Banana (฿220)

You have heard of the Tokyo banana, but have you heard of the Thailand banana? 
Therareis the original pandan and durian versions. If you love Tokyo banana cake, you will love this!

12 Lays Chips Pack of 12 ( (฿53)

One pack of Lay Chips (12g) at ฿4.4. That's less than 20 cents in Singapore. There are plenty of flavours that you probably could not get anywhere. Choose Devil's Chilli, Miang Kham flavour, Fire Breathing Chili barbecue flavour and more!

13 Bento Cuttle Fish Packet of 12(฿228)

This is a must-try cuttlefish snack. Some flavours can be super hot!
Best to get in bulk. A Packet of 12 cost ฿228. Half the price in Singapore. Get the blue one if you can't take the heat.

14 Tao Kae Noi Seaweed 

You can get these in Singapore, but with Big Sheet costing ฿51 and Big Roll at ฿61 per Box, you save more from Bangkok.

15 Koh Kae Crispy Peanuts 230g (฿67)

Another snack that is cheaper in Bangkok than in Singapore. Plenty of flavours to choose from.

16 Little Farm Crispy Bread (฿35)

This one is addictive. It comes in garlic, butter, pizza, and black pepper flavours.

17 Lobo Thai Spices (฿20)

Love Thai food and want to DIY at home? 

Get these Lobo spices such as Green Curry Paste. Only ฿20 per packet for a taste of Thai at home.

18 Pad Thai Noodles (฿95)

If you plan to whip up Thai dishes, you will need the local Pad Thai noodles for the authentic flavours. 

19   Coke Zero Lime (฿16)

These used to be available in Singapore for a short time. Grab one to quench your thirst after all the shopping!

20 Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder 140g  (฿36)

Singapore men would be very familiar with these cans. This is your best friend if you are outdoors and cannot bathe. It helps reduce rashes, itching and skin irritation. In addition to the original version, Big C has many different scents, including a cooling mist spray. It's half-price in Bangkok compared to Singapore!

Plenty more snacks we had not featured are worth a look. We saw many people buying trolleys full of snacks while we were there!

Shopping Tips at Big C

Bring your own bag

Plastic bags are not provided. Bags are provided for  ฿9 per packet. Alternatively, bring your own bag.

Free Box for packing; bring your own tape

If you buy in three boxes, we can pack your items. Do bring along your own tape for packing.

Tax Refunds 

Tax refunds are available for purchases above ฿2000. The refund is 5% but rounded down to different figures. The queues for the refund can be long, and the actual refund will be processed at the airport with the form. You would be required to bring your passport along.

From experience, getting a refund may not be worth the time. The queue at the airport can be very long, and you need to check in early or buy a considerable amount to avoid tax refunds being feasible.
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