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Meteor Shower in Singapore 2024 : Lyrids Meteor Shower on Apr 22

 Mark your calendars.

A Meteor Shower will be visible to the naked eye on Apr 22 in Singapore.

Lyrids Meteor - Apr 22

The Lyrids Meteor shower, one of the oldest known meteor showers observed for 2,700 years, will pass by the Singapore sky. The Lyrids are known for their fast and bright meteor and can be seen as quick, short streaks of light across the sky.

Up to 18 Meteors per hour will be spotted in the evening. The best places to view will be open areas with unblocked surroundings, such as nature parks, beaches and reservoirs.

Timings and directios as below 

If you miss this, there are more Meteor Showers expected in town.

Eta Aquarids - May 6

Known for their speeds and glowing 'trains' trail, the Eta Aquarids can be visible for several seconds to minutes. about 30 Eta Aquarid per hour can be seen during its peak.

Perseids - Aug 12-13 

This is the most well-known Meteor Shower and is considered to be the best meteor shower of the year with its swift and brighter meteors. With 50 to 100 meteors seen per hour, it is also one of the most plentiful showers in town.

Geminids - Dec 13-14

The Geminids peak around Dec 13-14. One can expect 120 Gemenid Meteors seen per hour. 

Stay tune for more updates!


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