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An La Ghien-Com Tam : Hidden Vietnamese Gem in Bedok

An authentic Vietnamese resturant under an HDB?

Over the weekend, we stumbled upon An La Ghien-Com Tam, a Vietnamese restaurant tucked away at Bedok North.  It's not on the main food corners in Bedok, but one that is isolated on its own, with Kaki Bukit Community Center being the most significant landmark in the vicinity.

An La Ghien-Com Tam

The restaurant name is a mouthful, but our expectation of an authentic meal increases in keeping with the Vietnamese name.

Inside, the place is decked in light wooden tones. It is bright and spacious, with plenty of seating. The space looks spotless, and it is manned by Vietnamese. The pipe in Vietnamese music added to the charm of this place.


There are plenty of choices for the diners in terms of selection. From individual Vietnamese dishes to Hotpots to platters and set meals, it could be overwhelming for the first time.

We opted for a set meal that is perfect for 2. It comes with Vietnamese broken rice, pork belly, sour Catfish soup with vegetables and guava.

The portion for pork belly was generous for 2. The pork belly was grilled, and the taste was flavourful when you add the mint that comes with it.

You cannot go wrong with the sour Catfish Soup if you like sour soup.

The broken rice has a slightly different texture from normal rice. It almost feels like we are eating clay pot rice.

Lastly, it comes with guava for dessert.

We added a plate of grilled big cockles hum in green onions. Judging from their photos, we were expecting bigger cockles for this dish. However, they turned out much smaller than expected. They gave us eight instead of six, so it likely made up for the smaller portion.


Since we started #hungrywackyeats, we have aimed to find good food off the beaten path. Our preference has always been to value food over fancy restaurants.

This is another restaurant to add to the list. The price was around $50, including drinks for 2. Since there are plenty more on the menu, we would be back for more.

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