THE WACKY DUO BIO was officially launched on 1st March 2012. It began with Daddy M and Mummy J and it continues with us. We are not the writers of the blog, Daddy does most of the projections of our thoughts (Mommy helps by posing for photos). We speak through the blog as one family. It may be a tad confusing in the beginning but you will get the hang of it. Afterall this is not just a Daddy blog; it's a Family blog.

This blog was initially set up to document our lives. From the earlier diary entries on our growth, it has since evolve to be a journal showcasing the magic of family fun. Hopefully, when we become Daddies, we will be proud to share this journey with our kids and our spouses.

We aim to be Singapore premier family lifestyle journal. Our goal is to provide you an insight to family lifestyle in Singapore through personal experiences and quality reviews. Being a pro family journal, you can find posts ranging from the latest family activities, travel experiences, products review, parenting tips, lifestyle recommendation and lots more in our blog. The journal is recognized as one of Singapore Best Family Blog in 2012.


For those with kids, we hope we can share with you our growing up experiences. For those thinking of starting a family, we hope that you can see that it is not as scary or difficult as one envision. On the contrary, it is one of the more rewarding experiences life can offer. To all those who had visited, we hope you will be inspired by our little 'adventures' and that our stories can give you ideas to create your own 'adventures'.In the meantime, enjoy your stay here and come back often to visit us.


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About 'Big C ' aka 'Cool Dude'

Cool, competitive with a super memory.My Journey begins in 2007 at Mount Elizabeth . I was a tiny 2.32kg baby at a height of 46cm born at 6:12pm . I have since grown to be a big terror and a bigger brother to Louis.

Follow me as I seek to make my parents life 'interesting' for years to come



About ' Little Lou' aka 'Big Eyes'


Big eyes, smiley with a bagful of cheekie anticsMy adventure begins in 2010 at Mount Elizabeth. I was born 48cm tall and weigh 2.75 kg at 3:17pm I may be tiny but I am no pushover. I am born to let my parents know that wonders never cease.

Let the thrills begin!



About the author aka 'Daddy M'


Daddy Blogger Singapore

The kids are the main stars of the blog and shall remain in the limelight. I occasionally give sneak peeks on parenthood, social commentary and topics of personal interest. For most parts I am the boys' 'ghost writer', providing insights on their wacky escapades.


I am a full-time working Dad. I love photography and enjoy sharing a thought, so having this journal to document the boys' lives is the perfect outlet for my passions.


"A wedding is an event, a marriage is the journey, parenthood is a blessing and family is the reward"