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Tampines 1 Water Playground

Walk this Way!
We headed to Tampines 1 for the weekend instead of Marina barrage as a result of the rain.

Party Animals- This way please!
We headed straight for the rooftop Playground only to find out that it was still raining. Nevertheless in about 30 minutes, the weather cleared and the party animals began to swamp to the playground
The Playground
The playground took less than 30 mins to be filled with animals kids. This water playground is different from I12 as it has a wildlife theme to it. In addition, it has a WET and DRY area. I guess the dry areas are for those kids who does not want to get wet. This playground is touted to be an EDU-PLAY area. I think the kids are more interested in Play than Edu. Nevertheless, the interesting props should keep the kids attention
Like my hat?
 We wasted no time in getting change and head straight for the water!
At the North Pole
We made out way to the most interesting area in the playground, the Polar Bear home. We camp there for about an hour to explore.
Where is Charles

Let's find water
 Louis is back to his water gathering with his trusted pail
Charles and his water guns
 Don't forget to bring the water toys along!
Feeding the animals

Swimming lesson
 You can even have a swim there!
Weekend Treat
We happened to be there on the 2nd day of the launch. There is free Movie Screening every weekend till 25th March. Popcorn and Candy Floss included!
Charles eating CandyFloss

Free Popcorn and Candy Floss!

Kungfu Panda 2

Opens till late, well lit!
1) Wide Variety of slides and play area. Suitable for 2 to 12 (Sign says 5 to 12)
2) Changing Area for kids!
3) Benches for adults!
4) Wet and Dry Area
5) Opens till 9pm!

1) No toilets for adults
2) No space to run (then again most kids are 'swimming')

We will be back!

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