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Changi City Point Water Playground

Look out for the Signs!
It's Big C birthday and Mommy decided to bring the Kids out for the day (Daddy is working , so Mommy became official photographer) Today they will be heading to Changi City Point for the water playground there

Nice Flower Design
The Playground is similar to I12 Katong. However it seems bigger as there are other fun stuff for the kids. Being a Monday morning, it is relatively quiet.
Playground Rules
There are rules to follow as well. Playground is off limits to kids above 12!
Here we go
Lou Wasted no time in playing
Birthday Boy
The birthday boy is eager to test the water too!
Obstacle Course
There is an obstacle course for kids as well. Looks like a good confidence builder for kids.
Louis @ Work
Louis in his usual 'routine' of filling the buckets with water

Let's play!
Louis and his toys
Water Gunds
Don't forget to bring your water toys especially water guns!

I want one too!
I am going to shoot!
Climbing ropes
1) More than just water play with an obstacle course for kids
2) mini pool area near the toddler's swing for mini swimming session
3) Relatively quiet on a weekday
4) Shopping mall has a good mix of 'factory outlets' so you can get some nice stuff fo kids and adults at a discount. There are Fox, Timberland, Cotton On, Fred Perry outlets and more at CCP

1) Hot Hot Hot, need some shelter
2) Where are the seats for adults? Think it is created by the same people who did I12 and thus seating seems optional here

So High!
We will be back!

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