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Marina Bay Sands and photography

Daddy likes to take photographs, especially of us.
We were influenced by Daddy and we decided to be photographers too!

We took a short trip to Marina Bay Sands to do some shopping and photography. The MBS is a great place for photos but unfortunately it is not fantastic for kids under 6. Other than the ice skating rink and the Venice boat rides, we do not have much to do compared to other malls.

The mall is well known for high end products, thus our guess that it was design to be an adult mall. The concept is that luxury and kids don't mix. Having kids around might just ruin the shopping 'experiences' of the adults. I guess it is fair to give the adults space sometimes.

Marina Bay Sands
I took some photos with Mommy and Louis decided he wants to join in the fun as well. On a side note, Daddy thinks he should get 2 cameras, one for each of us. The reason is that we are now 'fighting' over the same thing.

Daddy also thinks he needs to improve on his photography and he might take a beginner's course (yes he is a beginner) at either Objectifs or Phocus

Anyone has been to either courses? If so, do leave us a comment on which may be better for Daddy.
Louis the Photographer

This is what Louis took. He got a good eye!
Photo by Louis

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