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The Southern Most Point of Continental Asia (?)

After POLW, we decided to explore Palawan Beach. I spotted 2 towers and decided that I would like to explore there.

Movenpick Ice Cream
We passed some restaurants along the way. There are several food places along the beach. They include an Indian restaurant, Chinese restaurant, Koufu food court, Movenpick Ice Cream Shoppe and lots more.

Palawan Beach
After a short stroll, we finally reach our destination. We are about to go to the Southern Most Point of Continental Asia! However after some research, this may be disputed.
Southern Most Point

The view from the tower was very nice. We could see the sea as well as  POLW.
Sea view

The most challenging part is to take the suspension bridge across.
Daddy has a headache after the first trip as it was swaying too much. However I insisted on taking another trip across and did it with Mommy!
Suspension Bridge

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