Parenting 101 Tip 3 : Boys are from Mars, Girls are from Venus

Having boys are different from having girls.
Boys are by nature more active , boisterous, noisy and violent.
Girls are more emotional, inquisitive and chatty

So if you have boys,  prepare for screaming matches , sleepless nights  and tired bodies.

But let your boys be boys. Enjoy the energy that comes with boys.
Remember that you are a boy once.

And if you have girls, prepare for long conversation, emotional roller-coaster and endless beauty regime.
Daddy thinks there is a whole different set of worries , the main one being the boyfriends issue ;)

Nevertheless, do look forward to the day that you can have the honor to walk down the isle with her on her wedding day. It will a day that all Daddies will be proud.

Boys or girls, it does not matter. What matters is that you love and treasure them like how we do to you. Remember cliche can be broken no matter what, so use this only as a guide and expect the unexpected!

This is a good article on Boys vs Girls

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