We have been invited by omy.sg to Singapore Flyer's special Sky-Land-Sea adventure as part of the Singapore Blog Award  (SBA) 2012 celebration on Vesak Day.This is our first official sponsored event and we gladly accepted it.

We like this invite as I am a veteran of the Singapore Flyer aka Big Circle ( our family pet name for the Flyer). However, this is Louis 1st time on the Singapore Flyer.

The event is scheduled from 5 pm to 730 pm
Our timings are as follow
5pm-5:30pm : Singapore River Taxi Cruise
5:40pm : Visit Journey of Dreams Interactive gallery and board the Singapore Flyer
7pm-7:30pm : Open Bus Tour

Let the adventure begin!

We parked at the carpark opposite Singapore Flyer. We took the bridge at the Roof level to the Singapore Flyer. We met the other invitees of family bloggers at the Guest Services Lounge to get our tickets before setting off to the adventure. (Do note :  tickets should be purchase at the tickets booth and not at GSL)

The adventure is free for kids below 3!

Tip 1 : Take the carpark lift to Level R to access the bridge across to the Singapore Flyer
First Stop :  The Sea Adventure
Singapore River Taxi Cruise
Our first stop is the sea adventure. Look out for the boats operated by Hippo River Cruise. There are no sign so head straight for the pier (Walk towards Marina Bay Sands) There should be someone directing traffic there. The River Cruise is a  20 mins boat ride around the Marina bay area. You will get to see several Singapore icons up close. Get your cameras and tripods ready! This is a fantastic boat ride that allows you to get up close and personal to iconic buildings in Singapore.

Tip 2 : Take the first boat out at 5pm to start your adventure! That way you should be able to finished at about 730pm for dinner.

Ready for the boat ride

Caution :  Do be careful with toddlers on board. The railings are not enclosed and might be dangerous for toddlers.

We took a short video on the start of the river cruise to give you an idea how it would feel

Great Photo Ops!
Tip 3 : Bring a tripod if you would like to have sharp pictures. Sit in front (seats without shelter) for the best view and cool breeze

The boys enjoyed their first boat ride around the bay area. We even witness a race from the DBS Marina Regatta 2012.(See Video)

Journey of Dreams Interactive Gallery
Next stop is the Journey of Dreams Interactive Gallery
This is an attraction that was launch in 31st March 2011. I did not see this the last time when I visited the flyer. This is a brand new attraction for me. I had a fun time exploring the interactive exhibits in this gallery.
The Gallery is divided into seven segments. Prelude, The Dreamscape, The Discovery, Fragments of Dreams, Dream Journal, Dream Reflections and Reservoir of Dreams. We spend about 15 mins here. It is recommended to spend a little longer if you can as the exhibits are quite educational and entertaining. Too bad our attention span could not last more than a minute per exhibit due to our age :P

Journey of Dreams
Tip 4 :  Spin the big wheel located in the middle of the room slowly clockwise to see Singapore Flyer construction right in front of you.

Singapore Flyer
After the gallery, it is time for our main event. The boys, especially Louis is excited about getting aboard. We had passed by the Singapore Flyer on the ECP numerous time and Louis had shown an interest to the 'Big Circle'. The Family Bloggers were assigned a cabin by ourselves. With kids in enclosed space, you never know what you will get!
Getting ready to board
What are we looking for?
The sky adventures takes about 30 mins. Do find some in flight entertainment to keep the kids occupy during the period. A good game will be to ask them to look for the number 13 that is on a particular building.
Another game would be to look at the map (given in the capsule) and identify some landmarks with them.

Tip 5 : Prepare some 'games' to play with the kids aboard the Singapore Flyer
Spot the number 13
Find the buildings!
Views from the Singapore Flyer
The Singapore Flyer is another great opportunity for fantastic landscape photos of Singapore skyline and beyond. Don't forget your camera and maybe even a tripod. Definitely a moving experience at every turn!
Don't forget your souvenirs!
Tip 6 : Buy your souvenirs before the land adventure!

Open Bus Tour

Our last stop was the open bus tour. There are no signs leading to the bus tour. You have to walk towards the open air carpark for buses to get aboard. Look out for a Citysightseeing sign and a Big Red Open roof Bus!
The bus ride is a 25 mins adventure that takes you to Clark Quay and back. There is a commentator who would give you a brief history lesson along the way. It is interesting and insightful even for Singaporeans. One new thing we learn was  that the Parliament house was designed by our late former president Mr Ong Teng Cheong.

Tip 7 : Take the 7 pm bus ride, otherwise it may be to dark for photos!

Look for this sign to board the bus
Look out for this bus!
Excellent commentary by our land adventure host.
Parliament House designed by late former president Mr Ong Teng Cheong
There are a few interesting photos you can captured along the way. For the best effect, do take a tripod since it will get dark very soon. The first bus leaves at 7pm.

Tip 8 : Sit at the right for the best photo opportunities
Night Photography on the Open bus Tour
With the end of the open bus tour, we have come to the end of the Singapore Flyer Sky-Land-Sea Adventure.

A special thanks to our hostess Lynn and Viven from the Singapore Flyer, as well as OMY.sg and Singapore Flyer for their invitations. A shout out to the fellow bloggers Ai, Phoebe and Emily. Do check out their blogs on their take of this adventure.

After the tour, we do recommend you to pop by the Singapore food trail at the Singapore Flyer. The place looks like a page from the past. We did not managed to eat there as we both felt too tired after an evening of fun. We would definitely return and will place it on our list for our next visit to the Singapore Flyer

Singapore food trail @ Singapore Flyer

The Details for the Singapore Flyer Sky-Land-Sea Adventure are as follows :

School’s out, Fun’s in at Singapore Flyer!

Let your hair down at the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel, with a special Sky-Land-Sea adventure this school holidays.

Every weekend from 5 May to 24 June, enjoy this triple deal of breathtaking, panoramic views of Singapore and beyond atop the 165-metre Singapore Flyer, an open-top bus tour to soak up the rich cultural heritage of Singapore through our historical districts and bustling ethnic enclaves. And lastly,cruising down the colourful and romantic Singapore River for some yesteryear memories of coolies, bumboats, tongkangs and more!
Sky-Land-Sea adventure includes:
1 Singapore Flight
 (Entry to Dreams Interactive Gallery)
1 Singapore River cruise (From 5pm to 8pm)
1 cultural/heritage open-top bus tour (From 7pm to 10 pm)

Look out for dates: May 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20 and
June 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24.
Keen to check it out already? You may be pleased to know that each Sky-Land-Sea package, priced at $20.65 and $29.50 for kids (3-12) and adults respectively, includes entry to the Journey of Dreams Interactive Gallery – where guests learn more about the Singapore Story and the Flyer through an immersive and interactive multimedia showcase.
(Book online and save 10%)

Holidays are never meant to be boring, head over to Singapore Flyer today as there are lots to see, do, play and eat!
For more information, please visit www.singaporeflyer.com
Source: www.singaporeflyer.com

This review was due to an invitation from OMY.sg  and Singapore Flyer. 2 passes were given as part of the review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are of my own.