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Why Daddy blogs?

It began in 2006... when I became a dad-to-be.
I was all excited at the prospect of becoming a dad.
I wanted something to remember this milestone and so 'C Journal' begins (to track the baby development).

The family expanded with Lou. He had his own space as well.
However, with more duplicate entries,  I decided the brothers would be as one.
This is where shared moments are made more meaningful as the brothers embarked on a life journey, knowing that they have each other back and support.

At that point in 2006, there were not many  Daddy Bloggers., mostly Mommies doing the talking on the net. So perhaps I thought I would be able to give a voice to the Daddies out there.

After years, I do sense that Daddy bloggers are more visual compared to Mommy Bloggers who are wordier. Still, stories are meant to be told in different ways and that is what made each story so unique.

Nevertheless, this blog became more than a memento. It became a diary of sorts for us.
The boys are only young once. Such youthful exuberance is too precious to be left undocumented.
I had wanted pictures to do most of the talking for us, but as time progress, certain emotions cannot be seen in pictures. A picture may tell a thousand words, but it may not be what I wanted to say. Sometimes you need words to paint a picture for us. Thus the reason behind this entry.

Today, this journal has evolved into a cauldron filled with laughter, emotions, adventures and endless memories.

I know when I read back the old posts, I would reminisce the many entries with pride and delight.
The question should not be 'Why Daddy blogs?' for the answer is obvious.

And if you still don't get it, check out the smiles the boys have.

Sometimes a picture(s) does tell a thousand words...


  1. from one Daddy to another, hello hello.
    And maybe we can catch up during BlogAward get-together :)

    Andy (SengkangBabies)

    1. Hi Andy
      Had been following your blogs (along with some other daddy blogs out there) and I must say I am inspired by you guys to do a better blog for the kids. Good luck for the awards and we will catch up!

  2. Hiya! Glad to meet a fellow daddy blogger! Keep on writing my firend ;)

  3. Hi Ed, thanks for the encouragement. Had been following your blog as well. Great blog and beautiful pictures!


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