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Things to do during June School Holidays

The Wacky Duo Wet and Wild Freestyle (WWF)

June School holidays are upon us.
The caged kids are free!

It's time for Daddy to plan our favourite month (along with March, September and December : P).
If you are looking for ideas for your kid(s), you may like to try some of the things Daddy plan for us.

Daddy would name this list the ‘Wet and Wild Adventures for The Wacky Duo for the June school holidays ( On second thoughts it is too much of a mouthful so we will call it WWF  -Wet and Wild Freestyle)

Rule of WWF - Get Wet and Wild!
Water playgrounds 
 We are Water Playground veterans and we are planning a visit to 112 Katong
112 Katong has some exciting activities line up for the last Sunday of the Month.
This event is known as 'Iwant2 play on Sunday'
The location will be the rooftop water playground.
There will be a Bouncy Castle for kids, free balloons and Nando’s Chicken sampling.

Other water playgrounds you can explore
Tampines One,
Changi City Point 
NexShopping Mall
Imm building
Northpoint Shopping Mall
SembawangShopping Centre

The bonus is that Daddy and Mummy gets to shop after our playtime.
Don't forget your swim gear for these visits!

If I miss any malls out, do leave me a comment and I will add to the list.

Wild Adventures
Our Wild adventure will be a trip to the Zoo.It has been more than a year since we have been to the Zoo. At that time, Louis was unable to participate much as he could not walk. Other than seeing the wild life, we look forward to testing the wet playground in the Zoo.

Other dual (Attractions with Water Playground) adventures you can consider

We are having a staycation at Resort World Sentosa in June. There are quite a few packages available. Do go through them to get the best deal. 
 I look forward to playing at the pool  with Louis at Hard Rock Cafe this time round!

Other staycation ideas
Rasa Sentosa - Enjoy the hotel facilities, a day our at the Underwaterworld or a visit to Port of Lost Wonder
Changi Village hotel -for trips out to Pulau Ubin
D'Kranji Farm Resort-For a relaxing farm retreat

We love travelling and the best time to travel is during the school holidays.
We just came back from a holiday to Japan. Mummy says to take it easy this time round so we will make a short trip to KL Sunway lagoon
Mummy has been working in KL periodically over the last 2 months. We would like to see where Mummy goes to work. Next time when Mummy say she is going overseas to work, at least we would have a mental picture of where it would be.

No points for guessing why we choose Sunway Lagoon vs Genting Highlands. This is supposed to be a wet and wild holiday!
For more holidays ideas check out our tavel tales

Schools out, but that would not stop us from learning!
Dad will be applying membership for us at the Marine Parade National Library.
He is not sure if he had applied for me before, but he is going to find out.
For those who are interested in applying membership for the kids, stay tune to this post to find out more
I told Daddy I wanted a book on insects to read so I guess that qualifies as a wild activity?

Taking new classes (Non WWF activity)
I may be taking some new classes in June.
I am currently enrolled in Growing Up Gifted and Tien Hsia 
Mummy would like to enrol me in I can Read to compliment my other classes.

As for Louis, he will be stopping lessons on Growing up Gifted (he has been there for almost a year) and would like to move on to a different experience. Daddy thinks he should try an Arts Class since he had shown interest in Arts. He had earmarked AbrakaDoodle as a possible school for Louis (till he is big enough to join me at Tien Hsia and I can Read)

There are many more activities that we can consider. However our holiday is only 1 month and not 1 year! In addition to my homework and Daddy / Mummy‘s work schedule, the activities above should keep us sufficiently busy.
As for more alternatives, check out our adventures at Explore Singapore for more wacky ideas!
Some activities we took part in the past that you can explore during this holiday

Singapore Flyer Sky Land Sea Adventure

Pizza Making at Pizza Hut

Have fun during the school holidays
Remember all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

Do share with us your holiday plans, we love new ideas and would try them when we can!

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