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In Transit – From Changi Airport to KLIA

Family Zone at T2 fun zone

It’s time for our short getaway to Sunway Resort and Spa in KL, Malaysia
We will be taking a short flight to KL for our vacation at Sunway Lagoon Resort. (Dad does not feel comfortable driving up with 2 monsters in the car)

We would like to take this opportunity to review the family zone in the transit area in T2

At the Departure Hall
We were there 2.5 hours before take off. We thought we could let the kids have some fun at the transit area before the flight. However the check in time took 30 minutes as there was an issue with infant tickets. It was not our first time we had such delays. SQ should look into the whole problem with infant tickets, starting with allowing on-line booking of such tickets!

Can we start having fun yet?
Fun Zone

As a result, we only had 1 hour 30 mins before boarding, Dad allow us to play at the playground located next to the family area for about 30 mins. There is also a TV room  The place looks slightly cramp, but there are vertical climbs and slides that I enjoyed .

Still it can't beat The Slide @ T3 public area or the Safari@ Changi

Family Zone

There are 2 notices at the same area. One stated that the playground is for 2-6 while the other states tthat is is for 2 -12. We are between 2 to 5 so either case, we qualified!
As for the family zone, there is a colourful room there but no one is using it.


Here I come!

After the workout, we did some woodblock rubbing as well as explore some vase exhibits from the Peranakan Museum at T2.

DIY Souvenir

Peranakan Museum Exhibits

The Green Market
Next we had a quick breakfast at The Green Market lounge. As our parents have the Priority Pass, we get to go in any enjoy the facilities as well. The other Priority Pass lounge is the Ambassador Transit lounge.

Nice Cosy Setting

There are more things to do at Terminal 2 transit areas , such as the Gardens and the Entertainment deck.  For the adults, the shopping area at the airport can be quite appealing and its tax free!Unfortunately we had to board the aircraft to KL.

All aboard!

On board the plane. It takes only 45 mins to reach our destination!

Louis has his own seat.
It was not a full flight , so Louis got his seat. You can choose between Silkair and SQ for the flights to KL. Do note that whatever options you chose, you will be taking the same operator back to Singapore (ie SQ to SQ, Silkair to Silkair)


KLIA Airport
We breeze through the transit lounge , KLIA was voted the world best airport in 2005 by Business Asia Magaine. The first impression is that of a clean and bright airport.

We got an airport Taxi to Sunway (About MYR 84.90) and we are on our way to Sunway Lagoon and Resort!

Get your Ticket first

Airport Taxi

Off to Sunway Resort and Spa!

See you at Sunway!

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