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Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa Review

Elephants at Sunway
As part of our June Holiday actvities, we decided to go on a short vacation to Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa.Sunway Hotel Resort and Spa is located at KL
We will be staying at Sunway Resort hotel for 3 days. We do not intend to venture out of the resort and will explore the resort 2 main facilities
 Are you ready for our adventure?
Join us as we give you a quick insight on the hotel facilities.

The Entrance

The scene was awe inspiring. Flank by a pair of Giant Elephants, we proceed to this safari theme hotel lobby. We were greeted by a hunting scene before the lobby. It shows a pair of tigers launching on their preys.

At the lobby, the wild life scene continues. We were wondering if we have stepped into Africa instead of Malaysia.

Safari Lobby

Checking in

Don't forget the shades!
However, if you step into the lift lobby, a pair of Egyptians greets you. You wonder if the resort has suffered a case of mistaken identity as Sunway Pyramid Tower is actually located next door.

These are not the pair of Egyptians

Egyptians at the  lobby

The hotel is actually build at the edge of a cliff. The lobby is actually on the ground floor on one side of the facade. However if you view the hotel from the other side, the lobby is now  on the 13th Floor.

The other side of the hotel at Lobby Level

The Hotel Room

We had the Premier Room as pack of our package.
For more information on the packages available, you can refer here

We managed to check in at 11 am. The official check in time was supposed to be 2 pm , so its a thumbs up for the checking in process.

The Hotel Room

We had 2 super single bed and an extra bed by the side. We were amazed that the room can fit 3 beds. There are not much space to move, but we are not complaining. The rooms were generally clean and bright. We had a great view of Sunway Lagoon from our hotel room. 

View from the Room
The room amenities were quite limited. There were free bottles of water and some toiletries. The MiniBar was empty. As for the Television, most channels were blurred and there are no channels for kids. Since there was limited entertainment other than the Ipad, we did not spend much time in the room. We think the premier room size should suffice for a family of 4 or 5.

Room Entertainment

The Fuzion

We had our breakfast buffet at the Fuzion (Part of the package)

The Fuzion

The spread was extensive, ranging from Chinese, Middle Eastern and Western. The variety was twice as many compared to our Staycation in Festive Hotel Singapore

'The Number 1 Daddy'
We celebrated Father's Day at the restaurant with a Masterpiece breakfast set called
'The Number 1 Daddy'
( Daddy Speaks - At least I hope they have that in mind when they create this)

Daddy has his own interpretation of our masterpiece. We still think our masterpiece is better

Daddy's masterpiece
Do go early for breakfast (before 830am) , otherwise, do prepare to wait in line for your seats (it can be a long wait judging by the queue.

Long Queue
Did we mentioned we love the variety there? I guess we did, but it's worth a peak at the breakfast

Yummy Spread

The Swimming Pool

The other facility that we tried was the swimming pool.
We could not resist the lure of the pools since we visited the swimming pools at resort world in Singapore.
This is where I had worn my arm float and goggles for the first time.

The Swimming Pool

Ready for Action with our new floats

My new Gear

Daddy and Mummy had hoped that I would be more confident in the water. With my new gear, I managed to stay afloat and got brave enough to hold my breath underwater. My record was about 15 seconds! Mum thinks I am ready to take swimming classes. 

Family time at the pool

There is no ‘baby pool’ for us to play in. The 'shortest' depth was at 0.8M, and this is a bit too tall for us. However, that did not stop us from visiting the pool twice during our stay.

With our floats on, we were more confident and we played for about 2 hours per trip to the pool.

Having fun

It was very relaxing to hang around the pool. It helps too that Daddy and Mummy are away from their gadgets and concentrating on us!

Relaxing by the pool

Before you know it, night has fallen. The hotel looks amazing with the night lights.
We look forward to our main adventure at Sunway Lagoon. Watch this space!

Night @ Sunway

The Little Details
Address Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

 Tel: +60 3 7492 8000
Fax: +60 3 7492 8001

General / Info


  1. Cool! Btw, did you drive there or took a coach? I am rather hesitant to drive in after all the recent robberies, etc.

    1. We have the same concerns as you so we decided to take the plane. We decided to do so as it would be the last time we can get infant fare for our smaller kid. Nevertheless , if we travel up again ( probably Genting) we would take the coach for experience.


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