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Take 5ive Energy Drink Singapore

Take 5ive

I was given some bottles of Take 5ive to try by CROWD and Take 5ive.
Before trying I was told

Take5 is a drink designed for students, professionals and super moms and dads who need a boost in their day to day performance, and for students/individuals/parents who are often overworked, stressed or mentally exhausted.

Looking at the words in Bold, I was more than willing to do a review on this
This new drink is said  to provide 5.5 hours of instant energy.
Given that I will be taking a test this week, I thought it will be good that I get the boost I need to keep awake have the energy to study (I am not 20 anymore). Moreover this may boost my brain power as indicated on the bottles. At my age, I would take all the help I can get.

There are 2 formulas. Brain Power is formulated to improve agility, enhance memory and improve mental focus while the Immunity formula supports vital immune functions. Each Forumla comes in to flavours, mixed berry and Citrus Given my circumstances, I am more interested in the former.
Take 5ive Immunity

Take 5ive Brain Power
I will give my assessment base on
1) the claims that it will give me 5.5 hours of instant energy, ie keep me awake fr 5.5 hours
2) The taste
3) And finally the result of my test ( I know it may be unfair if I fail, but I promise to try real hard to study)

The test
1) 5.5 hours of instant energy
I took the drink at 230pm after a full lunch. Had been blogging studying late the night before and was feeling sleepy. I had a stressful day in the office and was rather tired by then. I was determined to see if it works as I needed to keep away and do a little revision during my free time. I had a buzz almost immediately after the drink. 5.5 hours onwards,  I am still awake and had completed what I set out for the day.

Verdict : PASS with Merit

2) The Taste
I had the citrus flavour it was a little bitter but manageable. I took it unchilled. As I am a milk coffee drinker, I appreciate that Take 5five does contain 0 sugar, 0 calories. Thus is will make a healthy choice compared to my usual coffee drink (that is about 125 calories per day or about a 15 mins jog worth of calories!)

Verdict : PASS

3) The test
I took a bottle on the day of the test. It got me real alert throughout my test. In the end I pass my test! It works!*
 *It is recommended to take it over a longer period to see the effect. It's not a miracle drink especially for those who only rely on it to boost mental capacity over actual studying!

Verdict  :  Was it my studying or was it the drink?  

Do note :  Take 5ive is not meant for kids!
These are some of the ingredients from Take 5ive, they include Vitamin B12, Folic Acid and Caffeine.
The interesting ingredient is folic acid. I thought only woman who wants to get pregnant takes folic acid. Turns out folic acid supplements may be good for healthy men. 
Read this for more insight !
Please note that this drink is not suitable for Children, Pregnant Women and those allergic to Caffeine
The Little Details  

A bottle (60ml) retails at $3.60 and is sold at most major retailers, convenience stores, supermarkets and pharmacies. No Refrigeration needed

Take 5ive products were provided by CROWD  and Take 5ive. 4 sample bottles were given for review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are of my own
. The content presented are for information only. The author is not qualified to give professional health advice. Any claims from the product are due to the author's personal experience and may differ from your own.  

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  1. Such a knock off of the originator of the energy shot, 5 Hour Energy out of the States... Can't even get the real thing out here...

  2. Actually I have not heard about 5 hour energy and have not tried it . Thus cannot comment on which I'd better :)

  3. i have tried it yesterday. had 4 hours of sleep and yesterday morning got to go to class for a course. had just one shot of red bottle. and amazingly, i can stay awake from 9am (consume it at ard 8:45am) to 3pm (after lunch, can feel the sleepiness feeling. still in the class though.). start to yawn after that, but not decide to drink another bottle coz it's not necessary for me as the class would end at 5pm. I could say, it's better than my regular coffee which i drink almost everyday. therefore, i think i will stick to this product although it cost me S$3.50 (in Cheers store). Anyway, I'm a taxi driver. i will try this on monday.

  4. I tried the Take 5 Immunity - for my long runs, given that have just started running long distance. It does help in both endurance and recovery.

  5. cool drink to keep you wide awake for 5.5 hours... TAKE 5IVE it is!! :D


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