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Universal Studios Singapore for Kids

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Universal Studios Singapore Review

It's time for Universal Studios. This is our second visit to Universal Studios. Last year Louis was still a baby, so he could not join me in some of the rides. This year, Louis would be able to experience some rides with me.

Come on in and join in our fun. Daddy will also try to offer  tips on what to expect with kids in RED

Tickets booth

Our Tickets

There are many fantastic reviews on USS out there in the web.  We would try to focus on what is important to us kids! We would try to highlight what are the rides for kids our age and what to expect.
Daddy's Tip : Do get your tickets before the actual day. That way you do not need to waste time queuing up for tickets! Go early too as the Sun can get real hot in Singapore!
The entrance
Universal Studio was founded by Carl Laemmie and its the oldest movie studio in America. Carl may not be as famous as Walt, but he did leave behind a legacy which include the Universal Studio Theme Parks. There are 4 Universal theme parks in the world including Universal Hollywood, Universal Orlanda Resort, Universal Japan and our very own Universal Singapore
There are no major characters that are associate with Universal (unlike Disney), the more popular ones originated from Movies and not comics. They include Shrek, Transformers and Kung Fu Panda. USS manage to get Sesame Street in their line up as well. We would be reviewing their performance soon!
We like the colourful and retro theme of USS. We saw several old time vehicles and props along Hollywood. This make the place look vibrant. We felt transported back to the golden era of the 1960s
The only show in Hollywood is
  • Monster Rock (S)
located at Pantages Hollywood Theatre
Colourful USS
For families with young kids like us, we suggest you turn left after Hollywood to Madagascar
This is the part of USS that caters to kids. The 2 main attractions are
  • Madagascar -A Crate Adventure  (min height 80cm)
  • King Julien's Beach Party Go -Round.

Madagascar : A Crate Adventure

Do note that there are certain height restrictions for the rides.
For Madagascar ride, the minimum height is 80cm. Guests below 122 cm must be accompanied by supervising adult (This applies to most rides in the park without height restriction) We would highlight if there are rides with height restrictions

Just made it!

Little Lou managed to make the cut to the ride. However do note that it is pretty dark during the ride. Louis had sat on a river ride before at Disneyland HK. However during this ride, he got a little scared off by the 'animals' . This ride is touted as Universal answer to Small Small World (SSW), however we think it has a long way to improve before it can reach the cult status of SSW.
King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round

Our next stop is King Julein's beach Party-Go-Round. Little Lou's tears quickly turn to smiles after riding on this. I think he likes Merry Go Round like me!
Far Far Away

Our next world is Far Far Away.
This is another world catering to kids.
There are 4 rides and shows here. They are
  • Shrek 4-D (S)
  • Donkey Live (S)
  •  Enchanted Airways (min height 92cm)
  • Magic Potion Spin
Of the 4 , we only tried Magic Potion Spin.

Daddy's Tip : When going to theme parks with kids, the best plan is not to plan so much. It really depends on the kids mood, so the best course of action will be reaction to their mood. That way everyone will enjoy the park. Do not attempt to force them to take a ride or watch a show. In addition, it is always better to complete the rides when their energy is high and leave the shows for a later time. Otherwise they might get cranky and decide to go home!

Magic Potion Spin
It's interesting to note that there was not much crowd on Sunday morning. The school holidays may have started, but there was no one around. The last time when we were here, we waited an hour plus to seat on the Magic Potion Spin (vs 5 minutes wait time) . Perhaps we were too early? (We were at the park at 10am)

The Lost World

The Lost World


Our next world is The Lost World. By this time, rides are more focus on the bigger boys.
The rides and shows as follows :  
  • Ambar Rock Climb (Extra Charges)
  • Canopy Flyer (min height 92 cm)
  • Dino Soaring (no infants)
  • Jurassic Park Rapid Adventures (min height107 cm)
  • Waterworld (S)

Rapid Adventure

I decided to try the Rapid Adventures as I had tried something similar before in South Korea Everland.
Be prepared to get very wet for the ride!
There was a steep decline at the end of the ride, that caught me off guard and ruin my mood for the rest of the rides.

I decided I had enough of rides.

 Daddy's Tip : Always have a  Plan B.  In our case, it is Watch the shows!
Ancient Egypt

Treasure Hunters
However when we reached Ancient Egypt , I decided to Let Louis try the
  • Treasure Hunter Ride ( No hand held infants)
The wait was 30 mins, but the ride lasted less than 5 minutes. There wasn't much excitement on this ride either. If the queue is long, you may consider skipping. There is another ride
  • The Revenge of the Mummy ( min height 122 cm)
but unfortunately neither of us can ride it.

Sci-Fi City

At this point at we were quite tired upon reaching Sci-Fi City
The rides in Sci-Fi City are
  • Accelerator (No hand held infants)
  • Battlestar Glactica (min height 125cm)
  • Transformers the Ride (min height 102 cm).

We were too tired for rides and so our parents decided to sneak into some rides themselves. (Don't worry, they did not leave us alone as we have our helper with us)

Daddy's Tip : Bring strollers especially with kids that needs to be carried. They double up as beds when they are tired (Strollers can be rented at USS). In addition, bring your helper if you can. It's a break and reward for them. 
We did sneak off and took the Battlestar Galactica as Cylon. It was the most exhilarating ride we had taken in a long while! Luckily the wait was not very long for this ride.
In addition, we managed to use our express pass that came with the package to get straight into Transformers the Ride. This is the newest ride in USS. We were completely Wow by the ride. This is the best 3-D ride we took in terms of graphics and motion. A must try in USS!

With Battlestar and Transformer, we think these 2 rides will define what USS means to adults. So do not miss it!

There are also child swap programs for parents with young kids for certain rides. This allows a parent to wait in the line while the other looks after the child/children.  Once the former completed the attraction, he/she can swap with the partners and the other parent can immediately enjoy the ride without queueing.


Transformers the Ride

New York
We finally reach New York. Our parents had prep us for this segment before coming to USS.
Our main aim for today's visit is the Sesame Street show in USS.

New York

Waiting for acton!
Check out our special review for the Sesame Street Show!

Sesame Street in USS

We managed to watch Rockafellas dancing on the streets of New York.
Daddy O' and Mel's Dinettes also performed near Mel's Diner. We even caught a glimpse of Po from Kung Fu Panda. There is another attraction
  • Lights, Camera and Action!
Unfortunately we were too tired to try it.
Shows at New York

Louis wants to be a B-boy!

We went back to the hotel for a short break (milk time) before coming back for the Hollywood Dreams Parade. The parade was supposed to start at 6pm, but we only caught it at 61pm. We sat along the street at New York.
We should have gone nearer to the City hall for a better view. The Parade was interesting due to the new characters we saw. However compared to Disney parade, there are room for improvement in terms of choreography, sound system and theme.

See our theme parks adventures
Daddy's Tip  : Try to go on Sat /Sun for the parade. If you like fireworks, you should go on Saturday instead (Check their schedule for availability under Hollywood after hours (HAH). Do note that there are no night entrance during school holidays. Otherwise, you can catch the fireworks on Sat by purchasing a $5 entrance fee during non school holidays.

Hollywood Dreams Parade Line Up
 We have Charlie Chaplin and Bride of Frankenstein warming up the crowd

To start off, we have Woody Woodpecker in his Hollywood Dreams Red Car

Next up, Magadascar with Alex leading the Magadasar Crew

We were bought Far Far Away with Shrek and his band of merry misfits.

Then we were transported back in time to The Lost World

We also witness a battle between Rick and Imhotep in The Mummy Returns

And finally its the Hollywood presentation with Marilyn Monroe

We hope Universal Studios can add Transformers and Sesame Street to their Hollywood Dreams line-up. Together with better choreograph, it will make a fantastic show!

We had spend almost the whole day at USS. Be Prepared to spend one full day in USS to complete all the rides and shows. It may be possible to do it all especially when the queues are short.

It's a wrap
The Little Details
Universal Studios Singapore
8 Sentosa Gateway,
Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269


Contact number:
+65 6577 888

Ticket Type
(Ages 13 to 64)

(Ages 4 to 12)

(Age 65 and above)
One Day Non-Peak Pass1
One Day Peak Pass1
Two Day Pass1
Annual Pass-
Fun Pass2
Annual Pass-
Action Pass
Annual Pass-
Superstar Pass

Ticket Type
Off- Peak1


Universal Express
(In addition to your admission ticket)
(Source : rwsentosa.com)
For more information, please refer to rwsentosa.com for more information
Each tickets are valid for 180 days from day of purchase (so you can purchase early)
Peak period differs, refer to website.
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  1. Nice write up, especially from a kid's point of view. One point though - the robot in the photo labelled as Optimus Prime is actually Evac, the 'new' Transformers that you actually ride in TRANSFORMERS The Ride.

    1. Thanks rwsentosa. It means alot to us to get compliments from the host. Sily us, Optimus Prime keeps appearing on the ride that subconciously , we equate him with Evac. Had made the changes. Thanks!

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    All of which are just a 10 minute walk from Universal Studios Singapore.

    Be sure to also visit the popular new tourist attractions S.E.A. Aquarium and Adventure Cove Waterpark.

  3. Hi, great photos! The "Countess Dracula" character you pointed out was actually the Bride of Frankenstein from the movie of the same name.

  4. Hi, nice review! I'm planning to go to Universal Studio with my 3.5 years old child. Is it free for him? Because i'll buy tickets from my country (not on Universal Studio). Thanks a lot :)

  5. Great thanks for sharing this. Nice write up, especially from a kid's point of view.


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