How to Order KOPI + 8 OWL hampers giveaway!


 Inspired by the product repackaging of OWL decided to have a mini tutorial on KOPITIAM Terminology on KOPI. In addition, there will be a GIVEAWAY at the end of the post!

Introducing OWL new fresh look 

Have you ever been to a KOPITIAM and do not know how to order coffee.  Here is a wacky guide to ordering your favourite KOPI

A traditional coffee shop found all over Singapore and Malaysia. The word kopitiam is mix of the Malay word ‘kopi’ for coffee and the Hokkien word ‘tiam’ for shop. It serves as a place for locals to eat and drink, or to just gather and exchange news and engage in banter.

Means coffee in Malay and is used in coffee shops when ordering.

Coffee added with sugar and evaporated milk (Sweetened)
C refers to evaporated milk

Iced coffee with sugar and evaporated milk (Sweetened)
Peng means Ice in Hokkien. Use it at the end of any beverage to indicate you want it cold ala ice coffee.

Coffee with creamer  without sugar (Unsweetened)
Kosong means zero in Malay. Used when you want to exclude Sugar

Black coffee added with sugar (Sweetened)
O  means black in Hokkien and is a description of the basic coffee brew's intense and dark colour.

Black coffee without sugar (Unsweetened)

Thick Black Coffee with Sugar- The most Potent Combination  (Sweetened)
Gao means thick, often refers to Potent Brew.
Kopi-O Gao

Iced black coffee without sugar (Unsweetened)

Siew Dai means ‘Less Sugar’ in Hokkien. So this means Coffee (with creamer) but less sugar (Sweetened)

You can now enjoy some of these flavours at the comforts of your own home courtesy of OWL.

There will be 8 OWL hampers to be given away
Not 1, not 3, but up to 8 hampers for giveaway.
Each hampers will include 10 packets of OWL coffee (Each packets contain average of 20 sachets-similar to the picture below).
Approximate 200 sachets or half a year of coffee!
The hampers should include *
1 OWL 3 in 1 Regular
2 OWL 3 in 1 Strong
3 OWL traditional Blend
5 OWL KOPI C - kosong
6 OWL KOPI Siew Dai
8 Nanyang 3 in 1 White Coffee
9 Nanyang 2 in1 White Coffee
10 Nanyang Gula Melaka White Coffee 

2 steps to qualify
2. Comment or share a picture on dishes/desserts that complements Kopitiam Coffee (e.g. Toast bread with Kopi C). Comments can be placed at this blog post or at the facebook post of this article.

*Remember to do BOTH steps to qualify

The 8 most creative comments win
Winners to be determine by The Wacky Duo.
Winners must have residents of Singapore to allow for delivery.
One Winner per household
Contest Close 5th August(Sun) 2359, Results will be out on 7th August(Tues)

Good Luck!

* Prize may be subject to change

Disclaimer : The Wacky Duo recieved samples of OWL coffee for review. No monetary rewards were given. All views are of my own.


Ai Sakura said...

1) FB liked (so long ago haha).
2) My all-time favourite is definitely kaya toast with softboiled eggs to go along with the Kopi. I like to dip my toast in the softboiled eggs before eating.. Yummms.

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

preciouz said...


TWD said...

Hi preciouz . Don't forget to like us at our fanpage to qualify. Thanks!

TWD said...

Added 2 more comments from

Pei Ying : Coffee Pork Ribs with Owl Kopi-O Gao

Charlotte Ng :does vanilla ice-cream with sprinkles of coffee powder count? if yes, then DIY coffee ice-cream is the best dish to go with coffee (powder) :D 10 packets in one hamper = 10 different types of DIY coffee ice-cream ^^

Saeki Lim said...

‎"Home-made" Traditional Kaya butter toast, coupled with poached eggs goes along best with my favourite White Coffee ^^ ~ Saeki Lim

Kate Uy said...

OWL Kopi-C is best to have with this bread from the Philippines called ENSAYMADA!!!! It's a bread with sugar and cheese on top! I love the mixture of OWL's bittersweet taste and Ensaymada's sweet-salty taste :) Whenever my friends and family visits me, I ask them to bring Ensaymada from our hometown :) can't wait to have both for breakfast again!

Anonymous said...

I am a coffee lover, will drink at least a cup of coffee daily and max up to 3 cups. Personally, I love the combination of Muffin + Coffee GAO!

Alice Aw - Facebook

Peiling Lee said...

Hup Seng Cream Crackers with Kopi-O Gao

From Facebook

Anonymous said...

My favourite is Cream crackers with peanut butter and Kopi to start my day. yummy!!!

like fan page. fb name : Jess Chong

Anonymous said...

Goreng pisang with kopi kosong my favorite combination. not too oily and satisfy your taste bud. Facebook : Koh Jess (liked the fan page)

Anonymous said...

马蹄酥 with Kopi Kao less sweet is my favourite tea break snack.

Facebook name : Tan Keith

I have like TheWackyDuo facebook page.

Anonymous said...

You tiao with Kopi-O.

Sean Koh Sze Yong - facebook name and done both steps.

Lee PeiWei said...

Pandan Cake with Kopi-C

Fr Facebook