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OWL Coffee Fresh New Look!

OWL New Packaging

The Wacky Duo was recently introduced to OWL brand of instant coffee.

 If you had read earlier postings, you may realise that I am a big fan of coffee. Coffee helps me to stay awake and alert to work and play with the kids. Now there is 13 OWL coffee range for me to indulge in!

About OWL
Owl was established in 1956 as Sin Hup Huat Co. As a leading Straits Asian coffee brand, OWL's  South-East inspired coffee are distinct in taste and flavour. OWL is a homegrown company with roots in Singapore.

With over 50 years of experience in coffee making, OWL will promise rich flavours and aromas into every cup of coffee made.

In today's competitive world, OWL continues to innovate. It recently launches a new look for it's the packaging. In addition, several new flavours are introduced as well.

The packaging is given a brand new fresh look. The designs are looks like mini brown sacks that are used to pack coffee beans. The packages are easily identified with different colours to identify the different range of coffee. Compared to the old packaging, the new look is refreshing and modernised.
Out goes the old OWL Old Packaging

From today, OWL coffee's all-time favourite OWL 3-in-1, OWL Kopitiam Roast and OWL Nanyang White coffee will come wrapped in these new packaging that will feature a modern, stylised blue logo

OWL's Everyday Favourite range of instant coffee combines time tested recipes and ingredients, brewing a familiar blend of classic coffee for the perfect, everyday cup.

New Flavour for this range is the 2 in 1 Coffee with Creamer

Named as a tribute to Straits Asian Coffeeshop culture, this range carries a menu of localised flavours using coffee shop lingo such as "Kopi Siew Dai" and " Kopi C" amongst others.

New Flavour for this range is the Owl Kopi -C

Kopi C
Inspired by the coffee-making traditions of early settlers, it serves to preserves roasting techniques handed down by forefathers to create a uniquely rich and creamy texture.

New Flavours for this range includes White Coffee 3-in-1 (Gula Melaka - Coconut Sugar) and White Coffee 2 in 1

White Coffee 3-in-1 Gula Melaka and 2-in-1

OWL Ambassador
Jeanette Aw had been chosen as an ambassador for OWL Coffee. Watch out for a nationwide promotion that will have OWL fans hooting!

Look out for a post on the terminology of  Kopitiam Kopi and an amazing giveaway (Half a year supply of OWL Coffee) for coffee lovers next week!

Stay tune!

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