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IKEA makeover - Study Room

Ikea Tampines
We have decided to go ahead with to convert my ‘playroom’ to a study room. The whole reason for this is because I have been getting more homework this term and I need a proper study area to do my homework. We are fans of Singapore's favourite furniture store IKEA so we decided to source for our desk from there

I thereby present a mini makeover with furniture from Ikea
Quick Dash through Ikea
We headed straight to Ikea Tampines.  Actually this is our second visit here. We had spotted what we wanted during the first visit. We had to go back home to measure the space to make sure we had the right dimensions. After a quick dash long long time(it actually took Mum and Dad almost 2 hours to get everything) we managed to source what we wanted.

It's time for a break as we indulge in our favourite $1 ice cream from IKEA while Daddy arranged for the delivery of our desk and accessories.

At the end of the day , Daddy decided on this combination for our study area
1) Vika Amon Table (White)              $84 200cm*60 cm
2) Vika Moliden Legs ( Aluminium ) $20 each ($80 total)
3) Vika Alex Drawers (White)            $140 40cm*60cm
Total Table cost -                                 $304

4) Vilgot Chairs *2                              $159 each ($318)
5) Billy Bookcase (White)                   $79 40 cm*28 cm
6) Billy Morebo ( Glass Door)             $79
7) Ekby Amund Shelf (White)             $35 150cm *28cm
8) Ekby Robert Bracket                       $12 * 3 ($36)

Total                                                     $851
Delivery                                                $60
Installation                                            $68 (8% of total)
Total                                                     $ 979

My old Study Table
This is where I used to do my homework; it’s a blue round table from the Mammut Range from Ikea. Mum or Dad would sit in the tiny chair with me, However with more time spend on homework ( 1 hour per day with up to 2 hours on Sunday) , Daddy thinks I have outgrown this setup and thus need for a change. The tables and chairs will remain for my arts and craft session and for Louis' use.
The Assembly begins
As Dad is lazy pragmatic, he decided to engage the carpenters from IKEA to set up the furniture.

The Final Outcome
After about an hour, our study area is done. If you notice, there are 2 chairs there. The idea is that L and me would study together at the same table. We love the new study space. It certainly motivates me more to study as well (Daddy, can you not add your own words??)

The bookshelf we bought looks half empty now. I am sure it will be filled with homework books in time to come. 

Hope you enjoyed our mini makeover!

Storage space for books!
The Little Details
Ikea Tampines
60 Tampines North Drive 2,
Singapore 528764

Open daily (incl. PH)
10am - 11pm

( A space of 2.4M by 1.2 M is recommended for the setup that we had done) 

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