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OMY Singapore Blog Awards 2012 -Winners Revealed!

Singapore Blog Awards 2012

(Daddy’s perspective)

Over the weekend, the wife and I spend an afternoon at the Singapore Flyer premises. We were not on an official date, but rather to attend the Singapore Blog awards 2012 ceremony. No we are not trying to turn back time and be hip and trendy with youthful bloggers, but rather we are there as was nominated as a finalist in the Best family blog of SBA 2012
Singapore Flyer
Read all about our thoughts on being nominated for SBA 2012

Being first timers, we appreciated the recognition of our efforts and are thankful for the exposure. We would also like to use this opportunity to thank all readers who support our humble blog. In addition, we would like to thank the sponsors of various events during the past few months for giving the boys exposure to events and activities that they may not have experience otherwise.

The event was hosted  by a pair of quick wit and motormouth emcees to give a carnival like atmosphere to the awards show. Minister of Education, Mr Heng Swee Keat was the guest of SBA 2012. We felt proud that he had specially mentioned parent bloggers (although we secretly wish he had mention at least 1 daddy blogger)

The theme of the event was Superheros.

There were several bloggers who dressed up to give this event a vibrant mood. As for me, I decided to go in my Superman T shirt (dumped my Hulk idea). I noticed too that a few other parents bloggers donning the outfit. Perhaps parents are tuned to a similar wavelength. A shout out to Andy from Sengkang Babies, Ai from Sakura Haruka, June from mamawearpapashorts. It’s great to meet up and catch up with fellow parents bloggers there.

The winner for the Best Family goes to Leonny of OurEverydayThings. Congrats for being the flag-bearer of family blogs for SBA 2012!

A big congratulation to the all the winners of SBA 2012. To all finalists, we may not be the winner of our respective categories, but nevertheless I hope you feel as victorious as I did at being nominated. will take this opportunity to learn and grow. We challenged ourselves to return to SBA 2013 with more engaging and holistic contents to promote family lifestyle in Singapore.

See the whole list of winners here!

Last but not least, we would like to thank OMY for organising this event. This is their 5th year into this event. The organising team did a good job in getting the logistics on cue for this event that was held at Singapore Food Trial @ Singapore Flyer. A big thanks for the yummy local hawker fare as well!

Till SBA 2013, keep on rocking bloggers!

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