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Da:ns Festival 2012 : Esplanade

Da:ns Festival 2012 : Esplanade
Put on your dancing shoes as Da:ns festival hits town!

About Da:ns festival
Da:ns festival is festival celebrating dance in various forms. There are performance and workshops featuring different dance techniques. Free fringe programmes are also available.
The theme for this festival is ' Dance to Love'

We heard about this festival from the grapevine and was eager to attend one of the theme nights : Sunday Funday

Da :ns Festival : Dance to love
We have our sights set on 'Hip Hop kids' performance by the Mini Groovers. My school concert is on this Saturday and I love to get inspired by dance performance from the older kids. Incidently , I am also dancing to a hip hop song , 'Dynamite ' by Taio Cruz.

Let's dance!
I was a little hyper for the night and can't stop moving ! We had a problem finding the stage@powerhouse (where the performance is at) as there are no signs leading to it. After about 10 mins of roaming around, we reached the stage located outside the esplanade ( turn left when walking towards the center stage) . Esplanade needs to put some directional signs up!

Stage @ Powerhouse
Unfortunately , due to a rain earlier in the evening, the dance item was delayed by about 30 mins. We reached Esplanade at 645 pm and only caught the show an hour later. It was a long long wait...

Waiting for action
We somewhat managed to entertain ourselves in the process. I was pretending to be the Emcee and screaming telling the audience how long more the event will start ... Every 3 mins. Yeah I was hyper and wacky at the same time!
(Somehow my parents opt to stay about 100 meters away from me when I 'perform' , I wonder why?)

I had an opportunity to take this photo with Mummy. Love the MBS background.

Hip Hop Kids by Mini Groovers

Finally the performance starts. Check out the videos, we thought the kids performed well for the night.
The Mini Groovers put up two performances that lasted about 3 minutes long. It was short but energetic and worth the wait.

Mummy was so impressed that she wanted to explore her dance roots once more. As for me, I am still in freestyle mode, nevertheless dance classes may be in the cards in the near future.

Stories from the Ramakien
We managed to catch a glimpse of other Da:ns festival show. They have performances entitled Rasa : traditional dance of Asia. We caught the 'stories from Ramakien' from Thailand.

Dogs and cats
There was also an installation of dogs and cats at the main entrance. Didi and I had fun goofing around there.

Beautiful MBS
Overall, it was a short adventure for us on a Sunday night. It was indeed a visual treat for us with vivid performance and beautiful scenery. We look forward to more festivals at the Esplanade.

For those who have yet to catch Da:ns Festival, they will be at the Esplanade till 28th Oct!

The little details
Da:ns festival 2012
Venue : Esplanade
Date 19th to 28th Oct

Various paid and free dance performance. For more information, refer here.

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