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Bay East Gardens : Gardens by the Bay

Palm Grove @ Bay East
We had been to Bay East Garden twice over the last month.

Bay East Garden is a part of Gardens by the Bay
It is located off Tanjong Rhu Road .
We are ardent fans of the Gardens by the Bay, given our numerous exploits at Singapore's latest attraction.

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Ybike Glider@Bay East
We wanted a spot to test out our new rides from Ybikes and Daddy thought this might be a good place to be mini speed demons!

Ybike Original @ Bay East
Bay East Gardens is 2 km linear garden design as an interim garden for future development. We like the fact that the path was relatively less busy compared to East Coast Park. Great for kids to practise their little rides. In fact we saw a few families with kids trying out their gilders, bikes and Rollerblades along the waterfront promenade.

There were a few mini lakes situated in the gardens. Some of the lakes had tortoises in them as well! We took some time off from our rides and sat by the little lakes to feed the tortises.

Enjoying the serenity of the garden

On our first visit, I rode the glider all the way to Marina Barrage. Daddy had to play catch up with me along the way. It was not easy for Daddy as he had to carry Didi (who stop riding his bike after about 100m) and chase after me.

Ready to Glide with a helmet.
For the next visit, Daddy got wiser and decided to dust off his pair of Rollerblades. He has not been on his blades since the day I was born. That is a hiatus of more 5 years.

Luckily he managed to get some help to balance from pushing Didi stroller still remember how to blade.
With his blade on, he managed to catch up with me on my glider. Didi meanwhile got to ride in his speedy Silver Cross Stroller.

Strolling with Silver Cross Fizz
The glorious view of Marina Bay Skyline greeted us at Bay East Gardens. We managed to catch the sunset while we were there and it was beautiful!

Bay East gardens may lack the glamour and fauna of big brother Bay South, but if you want a place to go zen, this would be it.

Sunset over Marina Bay
The only gripe about Bay East Gardens is that we could not locate the toilet. There is probably one at the visitors centre but it is located quite some distance away from the main path.

Zen time
Nevertheless we like the place and it is perfect for a quiet evening walk/exercise area for families with kids. The evening view from the Gardens is also a surreal sight to behold. We will be back for more rides on the weekends!

Marina Bay @ Night.

The Little Details
Bay East Gardens
Opens 24 hours
Capark opens from 6am to 12 am

Getting There

By Car/Taxi
Entry to Bay East is via Tanjong Rhu Road  
The entrance into the car park is on the right of Marina Bay Golf Course
By Bus
Take SBS Bus Service 158 to Bay East, which stops at a nearby bus stop along Rhu Cross
By Foot
From Bay South Garden, take a leisurely 5-minute walk across Marina Barrage

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