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Tik Tok Lunatik Review

Tik Tok by Lunatic
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 As you may be aware, I had my watch stolen in Bali. From that incident, I learnt that even with travel insurance, you can only claim up to $500 per item for most travel insurance.

My options were simple enough, spend $$ to acquire another watch, or consider some other options. I have an iPod Nano 7th Generation given to me as a gift. I had heard you can convert the iPod to a watch by simply getting a watch strap.

I chanced upon this strap Tik Tok by Lunatik at nubox at MBFC. There are many colours of the same models available, but I decided to choose black due to its versatile usage.
TikTok Multi-Touch Watch Band

The strap is made up of silicone rubber with anti-dust coating. I had rubber straps before and I must say this is made of high-grade material. The case and buckle are made of stainless steel. I have used the watch for both jogging an overseas trip and I must say it sits comfortably on the wrist. The nano can also be removed easily by pushing it via a hole at the back of the casing.

About Tik Tok
TikTok is a simple snap-in design that allows the user to quickly and securely snap the iPod nano in and out of the wrist dock. It cleanly and simply integrates the nano and transforms it info a modern, multi-function timepiece. TikTok is designed for those who want to easily transition from clip mode or watch mode ( Source lunatik.com)
Interestingly, the strap was designed by Scott Wilson. He is an ex NIKE creative director who designed NIKE watches. Thus the guy has street credentials and relevant watch straps design experience. No surprise the TIkTok straps exult quality.

My boy had commented that he loves the watch and asked if he could have it when I go to heaven!
Upon hearing that I do not know to laugh or to cry. I can only guess what he means...
My guesses are
  • The 'watch' and strap are nice!
  • I want to save you money ( he understands the concept that we were robbed and I am now poor)
  • I only need the watch strap and your love
  • The watch is just the beginning of things you must leave me next tim
I just hope he does not need the watch now. Hopefully not in the next 50 years later or more...

Back View of Tik Tok
Wacky deals
As part of our aim to highlight good deals, we would like to inform the readers that there is now a 50% off for watch straps at www.lunatik.com The promo code to use is LASTCHANCE. There are other varieties of the watch straps available as well.At 50% off, the above strap will be a steal at about USD 20 (Exclude Shipping) . The strap retails for $69 in Singapore, so this is a super wacky deal! If you do not have an Ipod Nano, do grab one now as the the Ipod Nano 8th generation does not allow you to use it as a watch due to it's size.At if you really do not need the Nano, consider a real watch 'Antik' by Lunatik as an alternative.

Ps: I might just get another strap as I do have a spare Ipod Nano as a Christmas present. That way my son will not need to wait for the Will to obtain his 'dream' watch.

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