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Legoland Malaysia Review

 We have gave you the A to Z  Guide of Legoland Malaysia. Now it is time to embark on a full review of Legoland Malaysia.
Legoland Park Map

Highway to LEGO mania
From Tuas to LEGOLAND

We made a trip down to LEGOLAND on Sunday at about 9 am in the morning. We took Tuas highway as the park is only 10 mins away from Tuas Checkpoint. Furthermore , we had read that it is quite easy to navigate your way to LEGOLAND from there. As this is Daddy's first time on Tuas Checkpoint, he could affirm this for a fact. Just follow the signs and LEGO flags along the highway and you would reach LEGOLAND in 10 minutes. Traffic was a breeze and there is practically no queue at the checkpoints.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Entrance
The park opens at 10 am, but we decided to go down earlier in anticipation of a queue. Furthermore, we need to change our pre-opening tickets to an annual Pass ( Interestingly we read that pre-opening tickets annual pass last till end 2013 compared to the current annual pass that last 1 year from the date of redemption - Yipee!)
Tickets@LEGOLAND Malaysia
The process for changing the annual pass was a breeze. Interestingly the queue for the annual pass is longer than the queue for the Day Tickets. We guess that the park is not yet on Malaysia or Singapore travel agents list yet.

The gang In LEGOLAND Malaysia

The Lands and Rides

We met a life size LEGO man at the entrance of the beginning. Louis was half amaze and half frighten by the sight of the giant LEGO. Guess he will see his LEGO figures in a different light.
There are no rides at THE BEGINNING, but there are shops such as The Big Shop ( for LEGO products) , The Brick Shop ( for spare bricks and customised LEGO figures), mini markets ( for small LEGO items). The guest service counter is also here just in case you need a stroller or your parents are lost. there is The cafe that serves European pastries, buns and breads if you are hungry.

We deliberately make a right turn upon reaching the park. From the way the park is designed, if you have kids from age 6 and below, LEGO CITY should be your first stop.
The rides available are as follow
  • LEGO Driving School (Junior : Age 3-5. Driving School : Age 6-13)
NISSAN Driving School @ LEGOLAND

This is divided into 2 sections, Junior Driving school and Driving School I took the Junior Driving school and went around the track for a few rounds.  Given that it is the F1 weekend , I enjoyed my spin around the track.
F1 Racer at LEGOLAND

T took the Driving school that has a bigger track area with traffic lights. She even have a driver's license ( Additional cost RM 25) at the end of the course.
Dricing School Test Track

  • LEGO Boating School ( Min age 8 years old for self drive. 1-7 rides with 1 adult)
Boating Schol @ LEGOLAND Malaysia

Next up is the boating school Little Lou gets to captain his own ship, whereas I get to ferry Mummy around the 'lake'  Manoeuvring the boat was a breeze with a little help from Mummy.
Captain Louis
Note : There are limited rides options for children below 3, so do take note if you are taking kids below 3 to LEGOLAND.
  • LEGO Rescue Academy (min size 110cm, 90-109 cm if accompanied by adult)
Rescue Academy @ LEGOLAND Malaysia
I get to be a fireman / policmen in my next ride. Together with our Fire engines and police trucks, we 'rushed' to put out the fire at a nearby building. Do note that the buidling may be only 20 metres away , but to get the truck moving requires strong muscles especially if you are doing it one one side only. Initially Daddy was the only one pushing and he got tired, so I decided to help him out to get us moving!
  •  LEGO City Airport ( Min Size 120cm ,80-119cm if accompanied by adult. Min age 6 years ( 3 if accompanied by adult)
LEGO City Airport
Louis had to sit this one out due to age although he met the minimum height. We had a few twirls in the air with each of one us accompanied by an adult. We could control the heights of the plane as we spin around. This ride is similar to other flying rides in other theme parks, but we love the fact that the planes look like it is build from LEGO bricks.
 There are other attractions such as The Shipyard (Outdoor playground), LEGO Express ( too long queue), adn LEGO City Stage (not open). If you are a basketball free throw expert, you may like to try the BasketBall Games as well ( 3 throws MYR 20) to win a big toy. If you are hungry early, you can also take your lunch at the Market Restaurant serving Continental, Western and Asian cuisine.

After spending about an hour plus at LEGO City, we moved on to the LAND OF ADVENTURE. This is supposed to be the land where we can find wild beast and mummies to do battle with.
Adventure awaits @ LEGOLAND
  • Beetle bounce ( Min 105cm , 90-104 cm is accompanied by adult)
Beetle Bounce

We took the beetle bonuce and it lifted us 15 feet above ground for the bounce of our life. Short but fun ride.
  • Lost Kingdom adventure ( min 120cm, 110-119 cm if accompanied by adults)
Lost Kingdom Adventure

Unfortunately this attraction was close, we would love to be an adventure hero in this laser-blasting hunt fot lost adventure
  • Paraoh's revenge
Paraoh's Revenge

We would love to play in this sheltered play area. however as we decided to leave it to our next visit as we would like to experience more rides in the park.
  • Dino Island (Min 130 cm, 120-129 cm if accompanied by adult, Min age 8 years, 4 years if accomapanied by adult)
Dino Island @ LEGOLAND
This awesome looking attraction was close as well. We might not even make the minimu height so I guess we did not lose out on this.
  • Adventure Games
Adventure Games

 There are some games booth in this land as well, prepare to spend extra MYR if you would like to play it. Our advice is to skip it, as we had yet to see a big prize winner around the park
Land of Adveture @ LEGOLAND
If you are hungry, head down to Jungle Cafe for grilled burgers and hot dogs. there is also the Adventure's Depot to get your LEGO items ( we recommend you get it at the end of the trip at The Big Shop as you may lose it while playing the rides!)

The Land Of Adventure took us only 20 minutes, but that is because some rides are closed. our next stop is the colourful IMAGINATION land.
  • DUPLO Playtown

Finally another place that Little Lou can join in the fun with us. The playground is sheltered and well padded. there are numerous houses with slides and LEGO playing area as well. We spend quite a while running and exploring the playground.
Biker Boy

Little Lou even got on a LEGO Harley and strike a Biker pose.

  • DUPLO Express(Min 100 cm , 80-99 cm if accompanied by adult. Min age 6 (non accompanied)
DUPLO Express @ LEGOLAND Malaysia
Another ride, Little Lou can sit. Hmm actually we were a little confused by the requirements. Can someone be 101 cm and less than 6 years old? I think most kids would be about 4 when they reached the height. In fact, no parents are allowed on this ride as well. I guess the park should relook into the requirements.

  • LEGO Studios 4D 
LEGO Studios 4D
We headed down to LEGO Studio 4D. This is the LEGO version of a 4D show. the effects were quite well made and do prepared to get wet! The bad thing about this is the wait. It took us a good half hour to get in the theatre and we were made to wait in a non airconditioned and stuffy waiting area ( most other themeparks 4D shows have airconditoned waiting areas due to the longer waiting time)
Don't ask...
By the way it may be a 4D show but it does not mean you need more than 1 glasses to create the effect.
  • Observation Tower (Min 120 cm and 6 years if not accompanied by adults. No restriction if accompanied by adults.

With a 360 degree view, you can see the park and beyond. From up there , we can see some constructions by Sunway. Perhaps more theme parks are coming up in this area?

  • Kid Power Tower (Min 120 cm ,100-119 cm if accompanied by adults Min 8 years ,4 years if accompanied by adult)

This is a similar version to Beetle Bounce except it is in manual mode. Since we had a heavy lunch, we skipped this ride. We will try it out the next time we are here.
  • Build and Test

Escape from the heat into this air conditioned play area where kids can build their own LEGO creations like cars and see if it works. We skipped this as it was quite crowded (I guess most parents think that this is a good refuge from the sun

We had a pizza and pasta lunch at Pizza Mania.  Since Pizza is our favourite food plus the fact that we are famished,we managed to eat quite a bit (without prompting) to fill our empty stomachs. For those with Babies, the Baby Center is located next to Pizza Mania
Lunch @ Pizza Mania

By the time we reached LEGO Kingdom , it was already 3pm. Our parents had originally plan to leave the park around 430pm to avoid the crowd at Tuas Checkpoints. As such we aim to target rides with short queues.
  • Royal Joust (92-150 cm. Min 4 yrs)
Royal Joust
We had seen the joust from up above the Observation Tower. We could not wait to get on our own horses. It is great that this is a kids only single seat ( the only 2 single seat for kids only ; the first being driving school) as it allows us to be independent and for the parents to take a slight breather.
  • Merlin's Challenge ( Min 120 cm ,110-119 if accompanied by adult. Min 8 years , 4 years if accompanied by adults)
A high speed carousel that we missed. Too bad the park does not have a low speed carousel, otherwise it would definitely be a hit with the smaller kids.

  • The Dragon (Min 120cm, 110-119cm if accompanied by adults. Min 8 years, 6 years if accompanied by adults)
The Dragon

Since 3 out of the 4 kids were underage, we decided to miss this as well. I can see my parents were eager to try it, but they could not just leave us alone to do it. Er, maybe that is just an excuse for them??
  • The Dragon's Apprentice ( Min 120cm, 110-119cm if accompanied by adults. Min 6 years, 4 years if accompanied by adult)
The Dragon Apprentice

We should have tried this, but given the longer queue, we skipped it and save it for our next trip. This ride seems a good start to introduce kids to Roller Coaster.
  • The Forestmen's hideout
The Forestmen's hideout

This looks like a great outdoor playground. too bed the blazing sun is keeping the kids away from this. We were soooo tempted to jump in for a tour around the playground.
LEGO Castle

There are Castle Games ( similar to adventure games) booth as well as King's Markets to buy souvenirs. If you are hungry, do head down to the Knight's Feast for burgers, hot dogs, chicken, fish and satays.

This is probably the land that is least suited for us. the rides are much higher pace and aimed at older kids. In any case, I am not a big fan of LEGO Technics toys... yet. Moreover we have only another 30 mins left before our parents' targeted time of departure.
  • Aquazone Wave Riders (Min 120cm, 110-119cm if accompanied with adult. Min 8 years , 6 if accompanied by adult)
Aqua Zone Wave Riders @ LEGOLAND Malaysia

This is a trilling wave surf where the spectators can trigger water bombs. Due to the lack of time, we did not try this ride.

  • Project X (Min 120 cm, 110-119 cm if accompanied by adult. Min 6 years, 4 years if accompanied by adult
Project X @ LEGOLANd Malaysia

Racy , crazy , 18 metres high and we could even sit on it! Too bad I do not have the guts to sit on it. 
I do have a fear of fast moving rides, maybe next time I would be able to conquer my fear.

  • Technic Twister ( Min 120cm, 110-119 cm if accompanied by adult. Min 6 years, 4 years if accompanied by adult)
Due to time constraint, we decided to leave this for our next trip as well.
  • LEGO Academy
LEGO Academy

Air conditioned play area to build educational LEGO for all ages

  • LEGO Mindstorms
LEGO Mindstorm

A creative workshop for robot builders. the minimum age is 9 for the workshop for the day so we did not explore it.

LEGO Technic
If you are still not full, you can make a dash to the Robot Kitchen for some asian delights like curry puffs, pratha wraps and steam 'pau'. Due to time constraint, we have omitted most of the rides here. It will be on our agenda for our next trip.

Darth Vader in LEGOLAND

To my disappointment, there is only 1 reference to STARWARS at LEGOLAND . We decided to turn to the Dark Side for a moment and invade the exhibit.

Miniland @ LEGOLAND Malaysia

The flagship centrepiece of every LEGOLAND. The Miniland took 3 years and 30 million LEGO bricks to recreate some of Asia's best known landmarks. The miniland exhibits are also interactive , with animated models bought to life at the touch of the button. Daddy will showcase the best of the Minilands on a later post.

End of the Day
Overall it was an enjoyable day at LEGOLAND especially when I can enjoy the rides with my cousins. We do find the weather a tad too hot and we ended up drinking 2 to 3 bottles of water (with lots of trips to the toilets) In addition, the parks should have some water fountains located along the way for the park visitors.

This park compliments Universal Studio Singapore as the latter caters to older kids and adults.Compared to other themeparks,LEGOLAND is indeed child friendly. The rides we did in 1 land is equivalent to the rides we take in other theme parks . We could not finished all the rides as it would take about 12 hours to do so excluding waiting time. I do not think you can complete the park in 1 day even if you try. We are glad that we got the annual pass as it is definitely value for money. We aim to come back every school holidays to take the rides that we failed to do so. In addition, we spotted more attractions to be added to LEGOLAND such as the Waterpark opening in mid 2013.

Water Park
That's a Wrap for LEGOLAND Malaysia review!

The Little Details
Medini, Nusajaya,
Johor, Malaysia

Opening Hours avaliable here
Source : LEGOLAND Malaysia

 From the North-South Highway / Senai Airport
- Take Tuas / Nusajaya / Pontian / Tanjung Pelepas EXIT 253 > Proceed to Nusajaya EXIT 312 > LEGOLAND® Malaysia signage will lead you to the destination!

From Johor Bahru / CIQ / Singapore via the Coastal Highway
- From Danga Bay, proceed straight via the Coastal Highway > Proceed all the way to Nusajaya > LEGOLAND Malaysia will be seen before reaching Kota Iskandar.

From Singapore via the Tuas Second Link
- Proceed until you see the Nusajaya EXIT 312 > You will see LEGOLAND Malaysia signage

GPS: 1º 28’ 80" N 103º 35’ 30" E


  1. Greetings from Indonesia!

    hands down this is the most complete first review of Legoland Malaysia I can find...!
    Me, my wife and son are scheduling to go to SG next March and planned for a daytrip to Legoland.

    The boy will be 2,5 years old, and I'm guessing he will not meet most of the rides minimum age and height. Reading your review, mostly we will only be on a sightseeing mode.
    Definitely bringing a lightweight stroller is a must.

    Been wondering,
    if going there on Monday (we arrive at SG sunday), hopefully Legoland wont be packed with visitors. Will there be long queue at the Tuas checkpoint on monday ? (still haven't decide via MRT or direct bus from SG, we are a happy backpacker's family, LOL)

    well I'm gonna browse around your blog, been quite a while since my last visit to SG, and need to catch up next March

    thank you, regards to the fam :)

    1. Hi Ifan
      Louis is 2 but he got to take the boat ride, duplo train, observation tower, 4 d show . Duplo play town would also be great for kids 2.6 yrs old. Monday should be fine given that it's is a school day in Malaysia and Spore.( sch holidays start 17nov) direct bus would be a better route. Get a transfer from spore agency as transfer back from legoland can be a hassle if you do not have one. As for spore, check out our explore singapore tab for more activities. Have fun!

    2. Noted with Many thanks for the reply and suggestions.
      still have lots of time to do research of the best transfer spore-legoland

      Permission to link this review in my site

  2. Hi ifan , feel free to link. There is a bus information link under my A to Z guide to legoland. It is found under public transport. There are a few bus services listed there. Should be helpful for you.

  3. Wow Wonderful Malaysia.. We are from Indonesia. Nice to see your post... Keep Posting for The Wacky Duo..:)

  4. Hi is there any express tickets available? :)


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