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Candle Night 2012 @ Marina Bay

Candle Night 2012 @ Marina Bay
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Turn off the lights and take it slow

That is the tagline for Candle Night 2012 at Marina Bay.
How many time we had taken electricity for granted? In a fast pace society like Singapore, time is a luxury.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and admire life for what it is... a beautiful journey and not a race to the end.

Candle Night 2012  Event Map
We were invited by Marina Bay as Marina Bay AmBAYssadors to witness an inspiration event called Candle Night at Marina Bay. The focus venue of the event was at the Merlion and One Fullerton.

Light up the Candles @ Marina Bay
Candle Night
This is an environmental and energy conservation event that helps in finding one's inner sense of time. This is the brainchild of an environmental group that origins from Japan. Candle night started in Japan since 2003. This is the 3rd year the event was held at Marina Bay.

Bathe in Lights

We enjoyed the awesome sights when the dark of the night enveloped the sky. The many candle light installations that line along the walkway of One Fullerton are a heart warming sight to behold.

Draw Merlion
In addition, the public were invited to make their own candles installation with a tribute to the Merlion.

In case you do not know, the original icon of Singapore is celebrating his (Fact : He is a lion, not a lioness) 40th Birthday. The Merlion first appear in Singapore Lore as the logo for Singapore Tourism board. He is now one of Singapore most recognised international superstar. Daddy did his part with an original artwork dedicated to the Merlion.
Happy Birthday Merlion
 Not exactly Picasso standard, but an original nevertheless.

Happy Birthday Merlion
We even bought our lanterns along as this was the eve of Mid Autumn Festival. So technically we were participating into 3 events during Candle Night 2012. They are the main event- Candle Night 2012, Merlion 40th birthday and Mid Autumn Festival. Talk about mulit-tasking!

Aren't we suppose to take it slow , Daddy?

Moon over Marina

Lighting Detectives
The Candle lights installations were made possible by the Lighting Detectives. They are a non-profit community dedicated to the study of lighting culture, fcusing on creating public awareness and making ordinary spaces feel special with light.
-  Source Candle Night 2012

Students from Duman High, Lasalle, NAFA, Republic Polytechnic, SP, Temasek Polytechnic and Studio Miu Art were on hand to assist in the creation of the beautiful installations

A special thanks to the organisers for sponsoring delicious ice popsides to quench our thirst.
Thanks to Marina Bay for the invitation. Do check out our other events held at Marina Bay

Marina Bay AmBAYssadors events

In the meantime,

Turn off the lights and Take it slow

Candle night 2012

The Wacky Duo were invited to the CANDLE NIGHT 2012 as Marina Bay AmBAYssadors. No Monetary reward was received. All opinions are our own

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