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LEGOLAND Malaysia : A to Z Guide

A to Z guide to LEGOLAND Malaysia

The Wacky Duo took an excursion to LEGOLAND last weekend.
Here is our A to Z guide on LEGOLAND Malaysia
About LEGOLAND Malaysia

LEGOLAND Malaysia is the 1st LEGOLAND in Asia and the sixth LEGOLAND park world wide. It spans over 76 acres with 40 rides , shows and attractions.  The park is divided into seven themed areas and is purposely build for kids from 2 to 12.

Other LEGOLAND are located in United Kingdom, Germany, Florida (USA), California (USA) and the original Legoland at Denmark.

LEGOLAND Malaysia is located at Medini, Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia.

Baby Care Centre

Baby Care @ LEGOLAND Malaysia
If you are bringing your baby, there is a Baby Care Centre located at 'Imagination' . This is located in the middle of the park. You can find bottle warmers, high chairs, rockers for nursing moms, baby changing facilities and a microwave. In addition, there are diaper-changing tables parkwide in the restrooms. Family restrooms are also available.


Carpark @ LEGOLAND Malaysia
There are 3000 carpark lots at Legoland. Be there early to get a good spot. Carparks are not fully paved and cars are parked on unfinished roads. Nevertheless parking is clearly marked on the roads. There are 2 spots to park. One is near the big tent where there is a sheltered path to the entrance (approximately 10 mins walk) and the other is parking next to the Medini mall adjacent to the park. If you park at Mall of Medini, it is only 5 mintues to Legoland entrance via the mall itself.

Driving to LEGOLAND from Singapore

Source : LEGOLAND Malaysia

From Johor Bahru / Singapore via costal highway
-From Danga Bay, proceed straight via the costal highway, proceed all the way to Nusajaya, Legoland  Malaysia will be seen before reaching Kota Iskandar.

Exit 312 to LEGOLAND Malaysia

From Singapore via Tuas Second Link (recommended)
- From the Customs, follow the road straight till you reach Nusajaya EXIT 312 , thereafter, follow the clearly  marked signs to LEGOLAND (Brown background)

Tuas Checkpoint Cost - $3.20
Malaysia Expressway toll - MYR $15 (SGD $6)
Cost are valid to and fro LEGOLAND
It takes about 10 minutes from Tuas to reach LEGOLAND

As this is our first time driving into Malaysia, we must say the drive was relatively easy for a novice.

Entrance Fee

Ticket LEGOLAND Malaysia

Categories                   Day Ticket         Online (7 Days Advance Booking)            Annual Pass         
Adult                          MYR 140                     MYR 105                                       MYR 275         
Kids (3-11)                 MYR 110                     MYR 75                                        MYR 210
Senior Citizens (>60)  MYR 110                     MYR 75                                        MYR 210

Note : as per LEGOLAND Malaysia website, there is no re-entry for Day Ticket holders.

Current promotions
1) Toys R Us  Star Card members - 30% off till 31st Dec (Print Voucher + Star Card)

Source : ToysRus Singapore

2) Shell LEGO pamphlet  (with every Shell LEGO Ferrari purchased)- MYR 36 off till 31st Dec

Food Options in LEGOLAND
  • The Cafe ( THE BEGINNING)
European pastries buns and breads. Sandwiches, pastas and ice-cream available        
  • Market Restaurant ( LEGOCITY)
Continental Western and Asian Cuisine

Market Restaurant @ LEGOLAND

  • Snack Bar (LEGOCITY)
Ice creams, pastries, popcorn, smoothies and hot beverages
  • Jungle Cafe (LAND OF ADVENTURE)
Grilled burgers and hot Dogs

Jungle Cafe @ LEGOLAND
  • Pizza Mania ( IMAGINATION )
Pizzas, pastas, salads

Pizza Mania @ LEGOLAND

  • Knight's Feat (LEGO KINGDOMS)
Grilled burgers, hot dogs, sausages, chicken , fish and satay
  • Robot Kitchen (LEGO TECHNIC)
Food stand with Asian delights like curry puffs, pratha bread wraps, steam pau . chicken curry rice

Food averages MYR 20 and below for a meal, MYR 20-30 for a meal with drinks and soup.
GPS coordinates
Official coordinates is at 1,28 ,0 N 103 ,35 ,30 E
However unless your GPS maps are updated from Sep 2012, you may just face a roadless screen on the GPS. Nevertheless as mention earlier, getting there from Tuas checkpoint is as easy as ABC.

Hot Hot Hot

Wear a Hat at LEGOLAND Malaysia
LEGOLAND is hot! Think Sahara Desert minus 5 degree.
The park is 80% un-sheltered. Some of the waiting areas like the 4D theatre can be  hot and stuffy ( non air conditioned) as the wait is about 20 minutes in a poorly ventilated space. Bring caps for the kids, lots of water ( there are no water fountain available) and slap on bottles of sunscreen as you would definitely need it!


Probably the land most suited for families with young preschoolers. The Playtown caters to children age 2 to 5. It's the land The Wacky Duo spend the most time on as we are 2 and 5.


Joust @ LEGO Kingdom
One of the 2 single non accompanies rides in LEGOLAND , the other one being the Driving School. No parents allowed on the rides. Great for training Independence.

Kids Friendly
The part is build with kids 2 to 12 in mind. Beside rides catering the specific age group, there are kids friendly services like strollers rental ( MYR 20 for single and MYR 30 for double stroller) and Lost Parents (for errant  parents who wander around the park on their own and get lost) at the Guest Service Counter in THE BEGINNING. Lockers can be found before the entrance of LEGOLAND


Source : LEGOLAND Malaysia

There are a total of 7 theme lands / zones in LEGOLAND,
  • THE BEGINNING : The Entrance to LEGOLAND. The Big Shop awaits for you LEGO needs.
  • LEGO CITY : Get your driver's license, be a Boat Captain, a Fireman or a Pilot here.
  • LAND OF ADVENTURE : Mummies and wild animals awaits your arrival here
  • IMAGINATION : Let your thoughts ran wild through experimentation.
  • LEGO KINGDOMS : Be a Knight, protect your Castle from the Dragons!
  • LEGO TECHNICS : For the bigger kids where everything is faster, bigger and more action-packed
  • MINILAND : See Asia through Gulliver's perspective
Tip : For age specific rides; turn right from entrance towards LEGO City for kids age 6 and below, turn left towards Technis for those above 6.


Miniland Singapore

Not a ride but the centrepiece in LEGOLAND throughout the world. Great place for photography. the Minilands in LEGOLAND Malaysia focus on the prominent landmarks found in Asia. The landmarks are build from LEGO bricks and features 17 Asian countries scenes. These masterpieces are unique to LEGOLAND Malaysia as different countries would feature different scenes.

New attractions coming up!


There will be further improvements in the park with a Water theme park in 2013 and LEGOLAND hotel in 2014

Opening Hours

Opening hours at LEGOLAND

On all days except Wednesday, Saturday and school holidays - 10am -6pm
Saturday and School Holidays - 10 am - 8pm
Close on Wednesday ( on non school holidays week)

For more information, refer here.

Public Transport
Bus services are avaliable to LEGOLAND. For the full range of options, refer here


Ticket Queues @ LEGOLAND

Queues were generally acceptable as we waited no longer than 30 minutes per ride (with most having only 5 minutes queue(. The more popular rides include Lego Express , Project X , The Dragon and lego Studios 4D. Expect queues for exchanging of annual passes as well. Queues are generally shorter in the morning.

Rest and relax for parents

The Forestmen's Hideout

If you need a break in the midst of the Energiser bunny (otherwise known as your kids) , you may 'deposit' them at various playgrounds in the park .
  • The Shipyard (LEGO City ) for 4 to 12
  • Pharaoh's revenge ( Land of Adventure ) for pre schoolers
  • Playtown (Imagination) for 3-5
  • The Forestmen's Hideout for bigger kids
LEGO Academy

There are indoor aircondtioned play areas as well at Build and Test (Imagination), LEGO Academy (LEGO Technic) and Lego Mindstorms ( LEGO Technic). These play areas are mostly for kids who wants to build with LEGO and a great place to escape the hot hot hot Sun.

Shopping in LEGOLAND

The Big Shop

Everyone loves shopping. In LEGOLAND Malaysia, you probably have the largest collection of LEGO and LEGO related items in Asia. Shop at The Big Shop, Mini Market,The Brick Shop, King's market and Adventurer's Depot that are located within LEGOLAND . If you yearn for more shopping, Malls of Medini is located adjacent to LEGOLAND and is within 50 m from the park entrance.


Technic for Teens

If you are bringing Teens to LEGOLAND, do not fret if you think there are no rides avaliable for them. Head down to LEGO TECHNIC land and straight for Project X and Wave Racers. Otherwise, The Dragon (LEGO Kingdom), Dinoland ( Land of Adventure) and LEGO Studios 4D ( Imagination) are attractions they could enjoy.

Be warn , it can be super hot in LEGOLAND Malaysia. If you are afraid of the Sun, The umbrella is a necessary weapon against the blazing heat.

What most kids would feel after conquering a ride in LEGOLAND, especially if they did the ride by themselves.

Wet wet wet

LEGO fountain

Although the wet park is not open, there are pockets of wet attractions like Dinoland (Land of Adventure), Lego Studio 4D (Imagination), Wave Racers (LEGO Technic) and Boating School (LEGO City). There is also a small  fountain / play area for kids at LEGO Technic.

X Project X

Project X

Probably the scariest roller ride in LEGOLAND . 'Racy, Crazy and 18 Meter high' as inscribed on LEGOLAND Malaysia website.

Yellow Sun


Spot the Yellow Sun up the hills and you could see LEGOLAND sign Ala Hollywood

Definitely the after theme park  activity on the car ride back to Singapore. No wonders here, especially since they have most of the fun at the park!


  1. does the voucher work if I print it down from here?please reply thenkyou. :)

    1. Hi , to be on the safe side , go to their Facebook page at www.facebook/ to print. You can find it at their photo gallery

    2. Ok, Thanks :)

  2. How much is the parking fee?

  3. Was there any locker could fit medium sized luggage? Since we would be arrive at changi early in morning and catch coach to JB and cab to legoland with our luggage. Thanks

    1. Can't remember the size , but I don't recall seeing a locker big enough for a luggage

    2. Thankyou for your immediate response. Must find hotel nearby to kept our luggage first, spent one nite and go to SG then. Would be exhausting to go to SG in the same day. Very informative blog you have :thumbup

  4. Wow! This is amazing. Hope to visit legoland in Malaysia soon with my little brother. Malaysia is also known for their shopping malls. I really enjoyed your post and I think visiting in that place would be a great experience. Thank you.


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