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Bali Safari and Marine Park review

The Entrance to Bali Safari and Marine Park

We had eagerly anticipated our trip to Bali Safari and Marine Park. This is supposed to be a theme park targeted at families with kids. Given the lack of child specific attractions in Bali, this seem to be a good respite for us amidst the cliffs, temples and sunsets. Furthermore we are veterans of theme parks , having been to 10 different theme parks around the world, thus we associated theme parks with fun.

About Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali Safari Park was established in 2008.The park houses hundreds of animals representing more than 60 species, including some rare and endangered ones. The exhibits features Sumatrapan elephants, white tiger, komodo dragons, camels and more.

The park also include a waterpark as well as fun zone meant for kids.

We took the Jungle hopper tickets price at US 49. It is pricey considered it is in Bali. Even Legoland Malaysia is cheaper (sgd 55) before any discount applied. The price of the ticket includes 'Safari Journey' , Bali Agung show, fun zone and water park. Also included are access to ' Fresh Water Aquarium', ' Animal Educational show' and ' Elephant Educational show'. The next ticket price option at US 69 includes a buffet lunch. We think it is not necessary as you can get a decent meal at half the price at Tsavo Lion restaurant . Other packages include elephant rides, but Daddy thinks Louis may be too small to ride one. Child under 3 admits for free.

Bali Safari and Marine Park
We first took a specially build vehicle for the Safari Journey. It is a 20 minutes ride through the park where you pass by the habitats of man made Indonesia, Africa and India. This is the park signature ride. The kids did not find the ride as fascinating as most of the animals seem rather docile in the environment. There was no 'in your face' moments as most animals are either lazing, eating or sleeping.

Safari journey
Nevertheless it is still an interesting ride as you can see animals in their natural habitats. Compared to the turtle island, the animals here seem better treated.

Me Feeding elephants
I had my first close encounter with an Elephant as I fed it with bananas (cost 30000 rupiah) .

Louis had his turn as well at feeding the elephant.

We also got a chance to see rare and exotic animals like the Komodo dragons and piranhas. On the topic of piranhas , do note the 'marine ' portion of the part is not opened.The only marine you will see are some fishes in their 'Fresh Water Aquarium'

Exotic Animals
Er, the top right hand picture is not an endangered animal, he is my brother. As for him being exotic, it depends on whom you are having a conversation with...
Bali Statues
The park has heavy Balinese influence with statues and architectural truthful to the Balinese.
Waterpark and Funzone
However we were not there to admire the architectures of the park, but rather to play at the Funzone and Waterpark.

Unfortunately ,we had to concentrate on the funzone as lazy parents we did not bring our swimwear. Then again looking at the waterside, it does look a little old and big for us to really play in it. I guess we did not lose out much. As for the Funzone, it is a relatively quiet place with no kids except us! Perhaps it is a weekday, but nevertheless the park was quite empty on the whole.

We did managed to get a private carousel ride together with a car ride. As for the spinning coaster, the flume ride and the bumper cars, we must have missed them as we did not see them while we were there. We did take the jungle cruise by the side of the Funzone. The waiting time was a good 0 minute.

It does seemed like Daddy  booked this portion of the park for our own private use.
Yeah Daddy!

Jungle Cruise
We also caught the show 'Bali Agung' at the Bali theatre. The theatre is actually hidden behind the statue of a giant elephant. Bali Agung is performed by a cast of 180 with dozens of animals. The show highlights the emergence of Bali as a prosperous island through the story of the legendary marriage of a Bali king Sri Jaya Pangus and a Chinese princess Kang Chin Wie.

The show is a visual treat with English narration. Daddy felt that this would be the highlight of the park for adults. We were not so sure, especially Louis who tried to hide every time the sea monster appeared.
His battle cry when they appeared was the phrase 'Go Away! '

Bali Agung
Final thoughts

We spend about 4 hours at the park. We would not exactly classify it as a theme park , but more like a zoo with amusement park like elements. We think for the fee it may be costly given that the facilities falls short of the standard we expect. However , given its kids centric attractions, it may be worthwhile to give this overprice attraction a spin. After all a holiday is only complete if you experience what the country has to offer. So on that thought, go with an open mind and enjoy the experiences you may have at the park!

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